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SLG Publishing needs a little help to apply for small-business grant

Small press publisher SLG Publishing has applied for a grant through Chase Bank and LivingSocial’s Mission: Small Business program and would like your help in obtaining it. Mission: Small Business was created to “increase awareness of the important role small businesses play in local communities and to help small businesses grow.” To that end, they’ll offer $250,000 grants to  four to 12 small-business owners. To even be considered, SLG needs to gain the support of at least 250 people who are willing to vote for the company in a show of support. That’s where we come in.

SLG is a vital part of the comics industry, having given first breaks to such creators as Evan Dorkin, Andi Watson and Jhonen Vasquez. A $250,000 grant would go a long way toward helping the company continue doing that, and it costs nothing to vote. In addition to helping SLG, every vote gets Chase to add another $5 to the grant pool, thus adding to the potential for more businesses to receive grants.

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