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Anticipating January’s ‘Lady Killer’ from Rich, Jones and Allred


As a longtime fan of both writer Jamie S. Rich and artist Joëlle Jones, especially when the two are collaborating, I was overjoyed to learn this January will mark the launch of their new Dark Horse miniseries Lady Killer. But Monday I became aware of an incredible creative detail I had previously overlooked: The amazing colorist Laura Allred, who typically only has time in her busy schedule to work with husband Mike Allred, will be coloring Jones.

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Talking Comics with Tim | Bandette’s Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover

Bandette 2

One of the clearcut hits from the first wave of Monkeybrain Comics digital line is Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover‘s Bandette, a great mixture of Tintin and Nancy Drew-type adventure. Today marks the release of Issue 2 — for the great price of 99 cents — where (as you can see by the preview CBR ran yesterday) Bandette foils a bank robbery in her own unique way.

To help get people as riled as I am for today’s release, I recently barraged Coover and Tobin with a series of questions. As a longtime fan of Tobin’s run on Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, it pleased me immensely that Tobin is building somewhat upon the Blonde Phantom/Chat substories/genre he explored in the former series. I also appreciate a turn of phrase that Tobin used (“zest for life”) in discussing the new digital collaboration with Coover. I think zest for life is a quality that fuels Coover’s art.

In addition to the digital Issue 2 coming out today, on Saturday Coover will be at the Jet City Comic Show in Seattle. My thanks to Coover and Tobin for their time.

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Frank Hampson was almost the co-creator of Modesty Blaise

Frank Hampson's Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise, the tough young adventuress with a criminal past, is the creation of writer Peter O’Donnell and artist Jim Holdaway, but before Holdaway came on board the gig originally went to Frank Hampson, creator of British space hero Dan Dare. According to the Hampson website, he turned in his pages weeks late with no reason for the delay, and O’Donnell wasn’t at all happy with them. O’Donnell said that Hampson “totally misunderstood the character.”

As you can see from the samples (that’s Hampson’s above and you can see Holdaway’s version of the same panels below; there are many more comparisons on the Hampson site), Hampson’s version of Modesty Blaise was softer and prettier than what Holdaway eventually created. While her appearance could have made an interesting contrast with the way she talked and her ruthless character, O’Donnell wanted her to look as tough as she was. He recommended Holdaway, with whom he’d collaborated on Romeo Brown, and the rest is history. Continue Reading »

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