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Mondo reveals Spider-Gwen poster for Marvel gallery show


Just ahead of Friday’s opening, Mondo Gallery has unveiled Phantom City Creative’s Spider-Gwen poster from its exhibition of Marvel-inspired artwork.

Announced last month, “Snikt. Bamf. Thwip: A Celebration of Marvel Comics” will close the Austin, Texas, gallery’s 2015 schedule with art by the likes of Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Matt Taylor, Tom Whalen, Matthew Woodson, We Buy Your Kids and more. Some of the other prints of the show were revealed last week.

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Mike Mitchell displays Marvel love with 52 character portraits


You don’t have to have powers to be a superhero, but you do have to stand out in a crowd, a quality popular commercial artist Mike Mitchell has captured in his profile portraits of 52 Marvel heroes and villains. Through May 17, Austin’s Mondo Gallery is showcasing Mitchell’s portraits in a exhibition called Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo. But even if you you can’t make it to Texas, you can still view the work, as he’s posted all 52 on his website.

“I picked my personal favorites, while also considering which characters would make decent portraits,” Mitchell told CBR earlier this month. “I can’t explain why, but I love the original Luke Cage design [revealed with the CBR interview]. There’s something very cool and timeless about him. Even though we live in an era where that version is out of style, I highly prefer it to the current, shaved head, yellow shirt and sunglasses Luke Cage.”

Here is a selection of some of the pieces, but go to Mitchell’s website for all of them.

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