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Panels for Primates spawns digital anthologies

Panels for PrimatesThree years ago, the folks at Act-i-vate kicked off Panels for Primates, a webcomic anthology in which various writers and artists created comics about monkeys, apes and other primates. The comic was free, but readers were encouraged to donate to the Primate Rescue Center in Nicholsville, Kentucky. The roster of contributors to the comic is impressive, with such creators as David Petersen, Rick Geary and Fred Van Lente involved.

Now the comics have been collected into a digital anthology on comiXology, published, appropriately, by Monkeybrain. Actually, two anthologies: Panels for Primates Junior is suitable for all ages, while Panels for Primates is rated 15+. The kids’ version looks very cute and has some good creators on board, including Rich Clabaugh, Mike Maihack, and J. Bone, but the lineup for the 15+ version is irresistible: Stan Lee, Paul Kupperberg (writer of Life with Archie and a former writer for the tabloid Weekly World News), Faith Erin Hicks, Colleen Coover, Molly Crabapple and ROBOT 6 contributor Michael May — just imagine what these people can do with monkeys!

The kids’ book is $8.99 and the adult anthology is $9.99, and once again, proceeds from both will go to the Primate Rescue Center.

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Coover, Francavilla, Allred, Samnee monkey around with new T-shirt designs

As I mentioned last week, the T-shirt site Threadless has unveiled the four designs for the fourth round of their “Comics-On Tees” series, this time with a theme of “Monkey Around.” The comics are written by Chris Roberson and feature artwork from Colleen Coover, Mike Allred, Chris Samnee and Francesco Francavilla.

Check out all four designs after the jump, which you can buy individually or as a set for $79.

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Marvel goes bananas for Hitman Monkey

Jason Pearson's Deadpool #20 cover, featuring Hitman Monkey

Jason Pearson's Deadpool #20 cover, featuring Hitman Monkey

The teaser image set the monkey-loving section of the comics Internet on fire — and let’s face it, that’s a pretty big section of the comics Internet. Now the truth about Frank Cho’s gun-toting mystery monkey has been revealed: He’s Hitman Monkey, a new character swinging his way into the Marvel Universe. Editor Axel Alonso tells this simian assassin (technically a Japanese macaque) will first appear in a two-part Marvel Digital Comic Exclusive by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talijic — featuring Cho’s cover — before wreaking havoc in February’s Deadpool #20. Here’s hoping for an eventual crossover with Gorilla Man from Agents of Atlas.

Marvel’s monkey business


Who is this monkey? Why is he two-fisting handguns? Who’s his tailor? I have no clue what the answers to these questions are — all I know is he’s drawn by simian specialist Frank Cho and being teased on as “Marvel’s hottest new character.” If there’s one thing for sure about comics fans, it’s that we’re monkey whores, so I am therefore passing this on to you our readers.

Tune into on Monday for the big reveal, whatever the heck that might be. And check out Cho’s blog for a sketch version of the piece labeled “Hitman Monkey.” Are there two more glorious words in the English language?

Joe Casey and Joe Kelly, masters of televised monkey-fighting

Dark Days in Monkey City

Dark Days in Monkey City

Earlier in the week Advertising Age‘s Ken Wheaton jokingly wondered whether Frank Miller is working on Animal Planet’s upcoming series Dark Days in Monkey City, whose promotional website has a definite 300 vibe.

Alas, no Miller. But it turns out that comic-book writers Joe Casey and Joe Kelly are involved in the show, which “is an intensely visual series that reveals intense tales of love, treachery, betrayal and triumph among several monkey characters,” a la the successful Meerkat Manor, I presume.

According to a press release, the network brought aboard Casey and Kelly to develop the series, set in the deserted Sri Lankan city of Polonnaruwa, also known as … Monkey City. Wait! There’s more! There are rival monkey gangs, with names like the Temple Troop and Black Claws, who battle over “prime Monkey real estate”!

Dark Days is a fantasy world reminiscent of epic stories of antiquity but very much relatable to modern audiences,” says the president of Animal Planet Media.

Joe Casey. Joe Kelly. Monkey fights. Monkey fantasy. Narration by John (Gimli) Rhys-Davies. I’m all over Dark Days in Monkey City.

The series debuts on Feb. 10.

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