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Today’s Grumpy Old Fan is brought to you by the letters J, M, and S, and the DC Entertainment comic-book solicitations for June 2010

Wonder Woman #600, by George Perez

Wonder Woman #600, by George Perez

There doesn’t seem to be a lot going on with DC in June. Sure, there are the Trinitarians’ anniversary issues and the new Green Arrow series, but beyond that there’s not much in the way of lineup changes. This may be a scattershot look at DC’s solicitations, a mile deep and an inch wide.

Still, that never stopped me before, so…


Who would have thought that all those delays and hiatuses actually helped DC’s Big Three series sync up? It’s almost as if Dan DiDio planned Wonder Woman’s four-month break back in 2006 (not to mention the lack of any regular Super-titles in May).

I kid because I love, of course. I’ve always liked it when anniversary issues were used as jumping-on points, and I think it’s good of DC to schedule them one after the other like this. (Plus, Justice League #50 will be coming up in the fall, and Action Comics #900 is about a year away, so it’s not like everything happens this month.)

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