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Upcoming project takes comics ‘All Over The Map’

Page from 'All Over The Map' by St. Germain & Worsley

Road trips are a unique experience and your first is often a rite of passage in many ways. It’s popular in fiction as well, from movies, comics, prose and even classic texts like The Canterbury Tales. At California’s annual APE convention in October, two cartoonists are partnering together for a unique multimedia project.

All Over The Map is described by co-creator Star St. Germain as a “multimedia project based around the idea of a cross-country road trip.” A collaboration with artist John C Worsley, the project documents the trip between Oregon and Massachusetts, with each page representing a state on the way there. One of its more unique aspects is that the book can be read in either direction – the pages will be divided by the path of the road, with Germain going from Massachusetts to Oregon and Worsley traveling the opposite direction. The multimedia project lives up to its name by doing not just comics but accompanying music. Both Germain and Worsley have made an album, recording a song for each state they traverse.

Look for more on this project at APE Oct. 16-17 in San Francisco.

UPDATE: The creators have emailed us to inform them that they have a website for this project, along with a custom player previewing tracks from these soundtracks. Goto

Toy company sues Stan Lee and Archie Comics over Super Seven trademark

Stan Lee's "Super Seven"

Stan Lee's "Super Seven"

A toy manufacturer and distributor claims Stan Lee, POW! Entertainment, Archie Comics, A Squared Entertainment and others violated its trademark with the new multimedia series Super Seven — after two of the companies promised they wouldn’t.

Announced in February, Super Seven is a planned comics, animation and online property about seven aliens whose spaceship crashes on Earth, where they’re befriended by Lee and resume their lives as superheroes.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in San Francisco federal court, Super7 says its attorney contacted A Squared Entertainment and Lee’s POW! Entertainment in March to point out its longstanding trademarks and warn them not to violate those rights. In a response received later that month, the toymaker was reportedly assured the companies “have decided to move in a different direction and are in the process of developing another mark for their products.” In another letter, in early June, Super7 was told the companies planned to trademark “Stan Lee and the Super Seven.” The toymaker’s counsel responded the name was still too similar and “would be likely to confuse consumers,” and invited the attorney for the two companies to contact Super7 “to discuss the matter further.”

The plaintiff claims it heard nothing more on the matter until last month when, during Comic-Con International in San Diego, Stan Lee and executives from Archie Comics and A Squared Entertainment announced Super Seven will launch later this year.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, a judgment ordering Lee and his co-defendants to stop using Super7’s trademark, and the destruction of all prints, packaging and advertisements bearing the names “Super Seven” or “Stan Lee and the Super Seven.”

Stan Lee partners with Archie, A Squared for Super Seven [Updated]

Strong Arm, from "Super Seven"

Strong Arm, from "Super Seven"

Archie Comics and A Squared Entertainment are partnering with comics legend Stan Lee on a multimedia property called Super Seven, which will feature the Man himself.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee’s comic centers on seven aliens whose spaceship crashes on Earth, where they’re befriended by the Marvel icon and resume their lives as superheroes.

“Nothing is more exciting to me, as a writer, than creating a new type of story or introducing a new theme,” Lee said in a statement. “Although I’ve briefly appeared in other comics, Super Seven is the first time that I’ll actually be a continuing character in a far-out, original superhero series.”

Archie Comics will publish the Super Seven comic, while A Squared will develop the property for television and online ventures and oversee licensing and merchandising. The projects are expected to launch in the fall.

It’s been a busy year for Lee, whose POW! Entertainment has a first-look deal with The Walt Disney Company. In December, Disney strengthened those ties by purchasing a 10-percent equity stake in the company. Super Seven isn’t part of the Disney agreement.

Update: The Archie Comics press release can be found after the break.

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