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Gerard Way co-wrote Saturday’s episode of ‘The Aquabats!’


Gerard Way has moved from being the frontman for the platinum-selling rock band My Chemical Romance to the writer of the Eisner Award-winning limited series The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite to, now, a co-writer and co-director for the hit children’s television series The Aquabats! Super Show!

The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek at Way’s episode (below), which airs Saturday at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on The Hub and features a guest appearance by his brother and former bandmate Mikey Way.

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NYCC | Way, Simon and Cloonan’s Killjoys comic ‘finally happening’

My Chemical Romance’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys album may have come and gone, but the Killjoys comic first announced in 2009 has yet to see the light of day. According to a post from Killjoys artist Becky Cloonan, it looks like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for the long-delayed project.

“So this is finally happening!” she posted on her tumblr site. “If you’ll be at NYCC, come to Dark Horse’s Killjoy panel, Saturday at 5PM. I’ll be there along with writers Gerard Way and Shaun Simon! Beyond psyched.”

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A peek behind the scenes of MorrisonCon (Day 1, at least)

Grant Morrison with Akira the Don and James Sime

If you couldn’t make it to MorrisonCon over the weekend and are looking to experience aspects of the event beyond Comic Book Resources’ panel reports, British musician Akira the Don offers his take on the first day, which included lounging in “Suite Le Morrison to drink fine boozes, pore over immensely incredible art pages from Grant and Frank’s upcoming Multiversity comic and chatter excitedly about Jilted John and bath salt zombies and the new age of Horus whilst being filmed for a documentary.”

Even better, he has a slew of photos, some featuring Morrison (glowing and not), Gerard Way and retailer/convention organizer James Sime. You can see a couple of those images below, along with video of Morrison’s spoken-word performance with Way and James Dewees of My Chemical Romance.

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Cloonan illustrates My Chemical Romance for UK magazine

My Chemical Romance by Becky Cloonan

Demo and recent Northlanders artist Becky Cloonan shares a poster she created for the British music magazine Rock Sound. The poster features the band My Chemical Romance in their “Danger Days” identities, as we’ve seen recently in the killer videos featuring super villain Grant Morrison.

Cloonan, as you may have heard, is the artist for the upcoming Killjoys comic by MCR frontman Gerard Way and co-writer Shaun Simon. “Featuring Gerard and Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro as they’ll appear in the comics, this is the first glimpse of what they’ll look like in 2D format when the stories surface next year,” the Rock Sound website reads. Announced in 2009, Killjoys was initially set to show up this year but was delayed due to Way’s music schedule.

Morrison’s ‘post-apocalyptic Doc Holliday’ returns in second My Chemical Romance video

If you enjoyed Grant Morrison’s appearance in the video for My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na”, you’ll be happy to know he’s back for the follow-up, “Sing.” The Batman Inc. writer has also revealed a little more about the character he plays in both videos to the L.A. Times.

“Korse is an exterminator for the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit of Better Living Industries,” Morrison told Geoff Boucher of the Hero Complex blog. “His extensive back story has yet to be revealed but he’s intimately connected with the Killjoys and their secret history. He’s a remorseless human bloodhound, a hunter who dresses like an undead, post-apocalyptic Doc Holliday.”

Morrison reigns supreme in full-length My Chemical Romance video

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison

MTV has posted the full-length video for My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na,” which, like the teaser clip that was released last month, features the band in a shootout with Grant Morrison and his gang of masked thugs. And if the end is any kind of indication, I think we can expect a sequel.

Watch the complete video after the jump.

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Becky Cloonan’s Grant Morrison fanart

Grant Morrison by Becky Cloonan

Grant Morrison by Becky Cloonan

Looks like mine wasn’t the only mind blown by the appearance of Grant Morrison as a villain in the trailer for My Chemical Romance’s upcoming album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Demo artist Becky Cloonan took a crack at drawing Morrison’s dandy-in-the-underworld alter ego on the Drawbridge blog. And since Cloonan is supposedly involved in some sort of Killjoys comics project from MCR frontman/Umbrella Academy writer Gerard Way and co-writer Shaun Simon, methinks this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this world via Cloonan’s brush…

Morrison opens fire on My Chemical Romance in new video

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison

My Chemical Romance, the band fronted by Umbrella Academy writer Gerard Way, has posted a video teaser for their new album on their website. The clip features fast cars, loud music, pirate radio, gun play and a silver-faced Grant Morrison as, apparently, the villain.

Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comes out later this year. Watch the full clip after the jump.

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