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Neill Cameron shows you how to make a giant robot

Who says you can’t learn anything during the summer? UK artist Neill Cameron, creator of the kids’ graphic novel Mo-Bot High, has put together a quick four-step guide to designing giant robots, and it’s available to view or download at his site. You don’t have to be a kid (but it helps to be a kid at heart) to enjoy learning how to convert humans and animals into giant killing machines.

“Space cars fighting robots in space”

Neill Cameron got a fun gig recently: Drawing Battle Force 5 (written by Rik Hoskin) for Totally… HOT WHEELS magazine (which I think is strictly British). Here’s his description:

It’s about a bunch of dudes who have awesome space cars which they drive around in space fighting monsters and aliens and robots and stuff. Very Saturday Morning Cartoon (indeed, I think it literally is a Saturday morning cartoon), and as you can imagine from that description, TOTALLY FUN TO DRAW!

Cameron posted a generous sample of art, both concept sketches and finished pages (without the lettering) on his blog so we can see for ourselves. Enjoy!

Neill Cameron draws cool Japan from A to Z

From Akira to Dragonball Z

Japan has a special place in the comics world (and the greater geek universe), so it’s not surprising that a lot of artists are doing fund-raisers right now. Neill Cameron, creator of Mo-Bot High and a member of the British kid’s comics group The DFC, is really going the extra mile: He will go through the alphabet, drawing a picture a day of something from Japanese anime, manga, gaming, or other Things That Are Awesome. Neill has set up a JustGiving page for donations, as well as a Facebook group, and he’s taking suggestions:

Bonus points for alliteration, and it might be nice to get a bit of cross-cultural exchange going on in there – if, for example, for ‘D’ you were to suggest Doctor Who and Doraemon Dunking Donuts Daintily, well then I would probably have to draw that. You get the idea.

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