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The Fifth Color | New Year’s resolutions for 2013

There’s something both cathartic and self-indulgent about New Year’s resolutions. On one hand, you’re revealing to the world all your shortcomings, announcing how bad you’ve been at everything for a whole year past and telling everyone you can find about how this year, you’re going to change so much about you. That method rarely works out.

On the other hand, this is also a great way to look forward to the future. After all, it’s a new start, a brand-new year with all sorts of possibilities and you’re going to do your best at making things better. You have a list!

So while I may feel a little self-conscious about posting these every year, I like to think that reading over what I hope 2013 brings might give you, Dear Reader, some idea of what you’d like to see in the coming months as well. And while you don’t have to wear your shortcomings on your sleeve, we all can at least face front and do our part. Right? Right.

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