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Taiwanese animators take aim at the new Ms. Marvel


Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese studio that brought us offbeat animated explanations of Miles Morales, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and the superhero brawl on Hollywood Boulevard, again turns its lens on comic books with a particularly biting report on this week’s announcement that the new Ms. Marvel will be a Muslim teenager from New Jersey.

“Perhaps fueled by dropping readership,” the narrator states, “Marvel Comics is really grasping at straws in a bid to find new audiences to buy its outdated printed comics. Marvel’s latest attempt at relevance is Kamala Khan, a teenaged Muslim polymorphing superhero from New Jersey. She will use her gigantic hands and feet to slap and stomp her way through the pitfalls of teenage Muslim girlhood … or something.”

Watch the video below. Ms. Marvel, by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona, debuts in February.

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Taiwanese animators recreate Hollywood superhero brawl


If you were left confused this week by reports of a brawl breaking out among costumed heroes on Hollywood Boulevard left you confused — two Captain Americas vs. one Spider-Man? — TomoNews US is on hand to sort things out with a typically absurd animated recreation of events.

If the work looks familiar, it’s because these are the folks at Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese studio that previously brought us such gems as explanations of Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man and the insanity of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. This video isn’t nearly as outlandish as those — sorry, no depictions of a Taiwanese wall-crawler strangling a panda — but it does envision what the fight at the Madame Tussauds kiosk might’ve looked like, complete with blood spurting from an unnerving mouth on Spider-Man’s mask.

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Taiwanese animators tackle Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man

Next Media Animation asks where are the Asian superheroes

Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese studio responsible for offbeat animated explanations of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and The Dark Knight Rises teaser, has moved quickly to address the announcement of a half-black, half-Latino Spider-Man. But NMA wants to know why Spider-Man couldn’t be Asian “or, better yet, Taiwanese.”

“There are few well-known Asian superheroes,” the narrator says. “The most recent was Kato in The Green Hornet, which bombed at the box office. Asians traditionally have been portrayed as villains, such as Fu Manchu characters or dastardly dragon ladies. Asia’s time in the superhero spotlight is long overdue. What are you waiting for, Marvel?”

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The Dark Knight Rises may or may not involve economic crisis, S&M

Leave it to Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese studio last seen on Robot 6 explaining the history of the danger-fraught Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, to view the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises through a fractured prism that makes Grant Morrison’s wildest of storylines seem humdrum by comparison. Judging from this video, the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s movie trilogy has something to do with the bankruptcy of Wayne Enterprises, rising food prices at Wal-Mart, a lovesick Batman, and the return of Halle Berry as a whip-cracking Catwoman.


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