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Jamie Hewlett, more join in Greenpeace’s ‘Save Santa’s Home’ campaign

Hewl header

Jamie Hewlett has already produced work concerned with ecological concerns before: His band Gorillaz’s third studio album Plastic Beach often ruminates on imagery inspired by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Now he’s taken part as one of a wealth of artists and designers who’ve created Christmas cards as part of Greenpeace’s “Save Santa’s Home” campaign.

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New video takes you inside the heads of five webcomics creators

Nicholas Gurewitch

Nicholas Gurewitch

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of Nicholas Gurewitch as he is creating The Perry Bible Fellowship, or Andrew Hussie when he works on Homestuck? Check out the short (7:39) video The Rise of Webcomics, part of PBS’s “Off Book” series, that features interviews with Gurewitch, Hussie, Christina Xu (Breadpig), Sam Brown (Exploding Dog) and Lucy Knisley (Stop Paying Attention), along with snippets from lots of other webcomics.

It’s fast-paced and entertaining, and there are some interesting insights from the creators as well as some webcomics you may not have seen before.

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What Are You Reading?

Godzilla #1

Hello and welcome to What Are You Reading?, where each week we talk about what comics and other stuff have been on our reading piles. To see what the Robot 6 crew have been reading, click below.

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Not comics: Nicholas Gurewitch switches from comics to Westerns

It seems Nicholas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship fame is at it again. And he’s leaving comics for the high plains.

Last night, the celebrated cartoonist released online the first part of a 12-part Western serial movie titled Trails of Tarnation. According to the website, it follows “the exploits of Derek and Jeff, two cowboys on the run from the corrupt Sheriff Maynard Lumbar.”

The first episode, titled “Black Coffee,” is less about being on the run and more about drinking a bad cup of joe. Gurewitch created the film in collaboration with Derek Walborn and Jeff Stanin (who stars in the serial).

Although best known for his comics work, Gurewitch studied film at Syracuse University; his comics were just a part-time gig for the school newspaper.

Comics A.M. | Brenda Starr to retire; women like superhero comics, too

Brenda Starr

Comic strips | Tribune Media Services has announced it will cancel the 70-year-old comic strip Brenda Starr rather than find replacements for writer Mary Schmich and artist June Brigman, who have decided to end their lengthy run. The final installment will appear on Jan. 2. Created by Dale Messick, the flame-haired reporter debuted in The Chicago Tribune on June 30, 1940, and later appeared in comic books and movies, and on merchandise. Messick retired in 1980, and has been succeeded on the strip only by women, from Ramona Fradon to Linda Sutter to Schmich and Brigman.

Kiel Phegley offers commentary, and catches a series of tweets from writer Dan Slott, who relates that his great-grandfather’s sister championed Brenda Starr at The Chicago Tribune. In related news, Tribune Media Services is partnering with Hermes Press on a multi-volume hardcover series titled Brenda Starr, Reporter by Dale Messick: The Collected Daily and Sunday Newspaper Strip. The first volume will be released in June. [press release]

Retailing | Borders Group reported a third-quarter loss of $74.4 million, nearly double the loss incurred during the same period in 2009. provides analysis. [GalleyCat]

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Rejoin The Perry Bible Fellowship with new comic, old cartoons

from "Memorabilia" by Nick Gurewitch

from "Memorabilia" by Nick Gurewitch

And there was much rejoicing (yay): I fired up my RSS reader this morning when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a new Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip by Nichols Gurewitch! Reunited and it feels so good.

Meanwhile, the infrequency of PBF updates is explained in part by Gurewitch’s forays into animation; click the link and check the sidebar on the left for links to several shorts he wrote for the BBC. This one’s my favorite:

Elite Fleet Ep. 2 – The Broken Code from Alec Lourmier on Vimeo.

Strange Tales 2 a go

Strange Tales cover by Peter Bagge & Chip Kidd

Strange Tales cover by Peter Bagge & Chip Kidd

A sequel to Marvel’s surprise-hit alternative-superhero anthology Strange Tales has long been rumored, and now a post at cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier’s blog reveals the truth: Strange Tales 2 is on its way. No official word on when it’ll arrive, or on who else will be joining the anthology this time out, but based on what The Perry Bible Fellowship‘s Nick Gurewitch has said about a Galactus strip he’s working on, and this table of contents from Jeffrey Brown’s Process minicomic boasting the inclusion of Strange Tales sketches, they seem to be likely candidates. Meanwhile, I’ve heard tell that Becky Cloonan and Michael Kupperman will be making their triumphant returns to the project. Stay tuned!

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