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Rejoin The Perry Bible Fellowship with new comic, old cartoons

from "Memorabilia" by Nick Gurewitch

from "Memorabilia" by Nick Gurewitch

And there was much rejoicing (yay): I fired up my RSS reader this morning when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a new Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip by Nichols Gurewitch! Reunited and it feels so good.

Meanwhile, the infrequency of PBF updates is explained in part by Gurewitch’s forays into animation; click the link and check the sidebar on the left for links to several shorts he wrote for the BBC. This one’s my favorite:

Elite Fleet Ep. 2 – The Broken Code from Alec Lourmier on Vimeo.

Gurewitch working on new Perry Bible Fellowship comics, Galactus strip

Nick Gurewitch

Nick Gurewitch

This interview with Perry Bible Fellowship creator and Strange Tales contributor Nick Gurewitch by our own Sean T. Collins is a fun read for many reasons, one of which is the fact that Gurewitch has a couple pieces of news for fans of his work.

First, he reveals that despite a long delay since we last saw one, he has more PBF strips in the works. “And for the record, I haven’t put PBF to bed–I just haven’t had time to do any more comics. I’ve got some that I’ve got poised and ready to go,” he told Collins.

Second, he’s also working on some additional strips for Marvel. “I wanted to do a Galactus strip, but I think I’m a little behind schedule. I have to give Jody a call and see if it’s okay if I get an extension,” he said, later adding, “I’m gonna have Galactus recruit Magneto for what appears to be a heraldship, but I think it might end with Magneto being placed on a fridge, maybe holding up Galactus’s kid’s report card. I gotta finish it.”

He also talks about working with the BBC on an animated project, Bono and more. Go check it out.

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