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Papercutz signs first-look deal with Nick, revives ‘Nickelodeon Magazine’

sanjay and craigPapercutz has inked a deal with Nickelodeon that gives the children’s graphic novel publisher the first option to adapt the cable channel’s new properties.

BOOM! Studios entered into a similar first-look agreement last year with Cartoon Network.

As part of the deal, Papercutz to publish a new version of Nickelodeon Magazine, which ceased publication in December 2009.  Set to launch in late June, the revived magazine will feature a mix of comics previews, new property debuts, and games, puzzles and other activities for young readers.

The first two Nickelodeon properties to make the move to comics under the partnership are Sanjay and Craig, a comedy adventure about an excitable 12-year-old boy and his talking pet snake, and Breadwinners, which follows SwaySway and Buhdeuce, two carefree ducks who fly around in a rocket van, delivering bread.

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Comic Express raises money, provides comics for kids in Joplin

Comics Express

A group of comic creators have gotten together to create a comic book specifically for the kids in Joplin, who lost their homes after the devastating tornado destroyed around 8,000 buildings in the Missouri town.

Carmen Morais, a former editor for Nickelodeon Magazine, has recruited several cartoonists, designers and editors to help create the comic, titled Comic Express. Contributors, who are donating their time to the project, include Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy), Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit), Raina Telgemeier (Smile), Mark Martin (Gnatrat) and many more. They’re using the site Indie GoGo to raise funds; the site works much like Kickstarter, where you contribute money and receive rewards based on the amount. Donations of $20 or more will receive the comic book, plus other goodies as the amount increases.

Although they’ve reached their goal to pay for the printing, you can still donate money and receive rewards; any money they raise over their target amount will go to the Joplin Public Schools’ Adopt-a-Classroom Fund to replace classroom supplies.

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Legal | The author and illustrator of the Nate the Great children’s books have wisely counter-sued Cosmic Debris Etc., claiming the lucrative Emily the Strange franchise violates their copyright. Last month Cosmic Debris sued Marjorie Weinman Sharmat and Marc Simont, and asked a judge to declare that Emily doesn’t infringe on the copyright to their 1978 book Nate the Great and the Lost List.

Cosmic Debris’ preemptive strike was sparked by online discussion late last year pointing out the similarities between Rob Reger and Nathan Carrico’s 1991 creation Emily and Sharmat and Simont’s 1978 creation Rosamond. An Emily the Strange feature film, produced by Dark Horse Entertainment’s Mike Richardson, is planned for release next year, which may explain the eagerness of Reger & Co. to clear any potential legal entanglements. Dark Horse also is named as a defendant.

Sharmat and Simont seek a declaration that their copyright has been infringed, plus unspecified damages. [Courthouse News Service]

Legal | A Singapore couple has been sentenced to eight weeks in jail for distributing anti-Muslim comics created by Jack Chick. Ong Kian Cheong, 50, and Dorothy Chan, 46, were found guilty of sedition for “distributing seditious or objectionable publications” after they sent copies of The Little Bride and Who Is Allah? to Muslims. [AFP]

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