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‘Clockwork’ creator gives birthday gift to charity

Brett Weldele's art for "Mercy Kill," a story in Clockwork.

Brett Weldele’s art for “Mercy Kill,” a story in Clockwork.

Paul Allor is turning 35 on Oct. 3, and he’s celebrating by giving a few presents — to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The Hero Initiative. “It’s my birthday present to two of my favorite service organizations,” Allor says.

The CBLDF helps defend free-speech cases involving comics, while The Hero Initiative provides a safety net for creators who are in need of financial help.

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Talking Comics with Tim | Paul Allor

Clockwork, Vol. 1

As noted at the book’s website, the 12 stories in writer Paul Allor’s Clockwork Volume 1 “defy genre lines, taking you on a journey from the Old West to outer space, from death row to a child’s home … Allor is joined by some of today’s most exciting artists, including JM Ken Niimura, Brett Weldele and Nikki Cook”. After being introduced to the work online, I wanted to email interview Allor about the first volume of his project (with the second volume in development) as well as his work with Comics Experience and the writers group, The Brutal Circle.

Tim O’Shea: When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a project like the 12 short comics in Clockwork, Vol. 1?

Paul Allor: Last year I took a comics writing course through Comics Experience, which is run by former Marvel and IDW editor Andy Schmidt. In that class, Andy told us that writing a strong and complete five-page comic is actually harder than writing a longer work.

I really took that to heart. So, after the class ended, I decided to continue honing my craft on stand-alone five-page stories. Clockwork, Volume 1 features 12 of them, and another 12 are currently in production for Clockwork, Volume 2.

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Your (first) video of the day | Ben McCool and Nikki Cook talk Memoir

In this nicely produced video, part of WPB Labs’ RADAR series, collaborators Ben McCool and Nikki Cook discuss the creation of Memoir, their upcoming sci-fi thriller from Image Comics about an entire town with no memory. McCool spoke with Comic Book Resources about the miniseries just last week. Memoir #1 arrives in stores on Jan. 19.

Nikki Cook goes hi-tech

Nikki Cook visualizes audio technology

Nikki Cook visualizes audio technology

Comics artist Nikki Cook is going to be the guest artist this month at Gizmodo, which does for technology and cool gadgets what Gawker does for gossip and io9 does for science fiction (they’re all part of the same blog family). Cook is a member of the Act-I-Vate webcomics collective and has worked on a number of different comics; she is currently collaborating with Ben McCool on the graphic novel Memoir, and it looks like her work will be a departure from the usual photos of sleek but mostly rectangular objects on Gizmodo.

And because she’s an attractive comics artist living in Brooklyn, Seth Kushner has photographed her on a fire escape against a luminescent gray sky. Click to see:
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