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Fantagraphics hosts ‘Intruder’ art, Nirvana cellist Saturday


In honor of the 10th issue of Intruder, a quarterly comics paper available for free around Seattle, Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery will host an art exhibit featuring the work of Intruder contributors.

The exhibit will kick off with an opening this Saturday from 6 to 8 p.m., where comic books, graphic novels and zines by the individual creators will be available for purchase. In addition, Lori Goldston, the cellist who played with Nirvana in their famous Nirvana: Unplugged performance, and Kyle Hanson will provide “atmospheric music” during the party. The event is free to the public with adult beverages supplied by Seattle’s Hilliard’s Beer.

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How Sally Bloodbath learned to stop worrying and love Nirvana

In dreams, anyway. Over at the music site If You Make It, cartoonist Sally Madden (aka Sally Bloodbath) has a new comic called “Grandma Take Me Home” (hooray for “Sliver”!) about her lifelong dislike for seminal ’90s alt-rock titans Nirvana. Things come to a head when friends whose taste she normally trusts get fed up with her hatin’ and force a Nirvana mixtape on her, at which point visions of Kurt Cobain dance through her head. It’s nice when comics have a strong moral lesson to impart, and the lesson here is that Nirvana were in fact an incredible band. At least that’s what I got from it. What about you?

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