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The Fifth Color | Forward into the Past with Marvel’s July 2010 Solicitations

shoes can kill

shoes can kill

This monthly look at three months ahead in the Marvel Universe was going to show the cover to the all new Gorilla-Man #1, but instead I went for the image you see on your right.  Please click to embiggen and let’s all try to figure out what’s going on.

Yep, that’s Emma Frost … tonguing a forkful of pancakes while sitting on Scott Summers’ back.  There’s a lot of things that boggle me in this picture  (When did Emma’s hair get crazy long?  Is Scott happy to be sway-backed under the weight of Emma’s California king-sized rump?  What expression is that?   Where did the Leno chin come from?  Is this a repurposed Batman and Robin cover from the Distinguished Competitors?) but really, this all comes down to those shoes.  Those human head-sized shoes on those twiggy ankles.

Where did she get those shoes?

In (somewhat) more sensible news, let’s go look at what Marvel has in store for us in the month of July. Women of Marvel seems to be rolling right along, there’s always the collector’s delight of the brand-new #1, and the start of some blood-drinking, non-sparkling threats to our heroes and pals…

P.S.: Thanks for bearing with our technical difficulties.  Just like those ankles, my WordPress skills broke under the weight of my own thoughts!  I still don’t know what Scott Summers thinks of all this.

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