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Food or Comics? | Mais or The Massive?

Welcome to Food or Comics?, where every week we talk about what comics we’d buy at our local comic shop based on certain spending limits — $15 and $30 — as well as what we’d get if we had extra money or a gift card to spend on a splurge item.

Check out Diamond’s release list or ComicList, and tell us what you’re getting in our comments field.

Spider-Men #1

J.K. Parkin

With my first $15 I’d get the following: The Massive #1 (Dark Horse, $3.50), X-Men #30 (Marvel, $3.99), Spider-Men #1 (Marvel, $3.99), and Saucer Country #4 (Vertigo, $2.99). That leaves me roughly 50 cents out of my budget. I dunno if it was planned this way or not, but two of Brian Wood’s latest projects, The Massive and his run on the X-Men (of the un-Ultimate variety), kick off this week. We also have the debut of Spider-Men, the crossover that features Peter Parker of the 616 Marvel U meeting up with Miles Morales from the Ultimate-verse. I’ve enjoyed the Miles Morales/Ultimate Spider-Man stories this far, which is the reason I’m getting it. Finally, Saucer Country is the best of the new Vertigo titles, featuring clever writing by Paul Cornell and great art by Ryan Kelly.

Add another $15 and I’d also get Captain America #13 (Marvel, $3.99), Uncanny X-Force #26 (Marvel, $3.99), Resurrection Man #10 (DC Comics, $2.99), and Frankenstein: Agent of Shade #10 (DC Comics, $2.99). Again, with some change left over for a candy bar or whatever. I laughed out loud at the big reveal at the end of the last issue of Captain America, as we learned who the new guy was behind the Scourge mask. I assume this is a What If? comic, along the lines of “What if (name redacted for spoiler reasons) wasn’t lame?” So I have to see this through. I mentioned this weekend on What Are You Reading? that I’d downloaded a whole bunch of the current run of Uncanny X-Force for 99 cents from comiXology, and since then I’ve completely caught up on the book, so I’ll definitley be getting the current issue. Add to that one of the final times I’ll get to see Abnett and Lanning’s Resurrection Man comic (sniff … well, it was probably a longshot anyway, based on how well his last comic did) and the debut of Matt Kindt on Frankenstein, and that rounds out my week of comics.

I don’t really have anything on my splurge radar this week, so maybe I’ll just hold onto the cash and save it for next time.

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Comics A.M. | Thousands turned away from Calgary comic expo

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Conventions | Thousands of fans were locked out of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo after the local fire marshal declared that the building had reached capacity. The big draw was not actually comics but a reunion of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. [Calgary Herald]

Awards | The Thrill Electric, an online comic created by Leah Moore and John Reppion, Emma Vieceli, Windflower Studio and LittleLoud for the U.K.’s Channel 4, has been nominated for best website in the 2012 Broadcast Digital Awards. [Broadcast]

Creators | Jay Faerber talks about his early ambitions, his current comic Near Death, and what is so special about being published by Image: “The thing about Image is you have absolute creative freedom. Once Near Death was approved, I just wrote it. There were no notes from Eric or anyone else at Image telling me what they think I should do, which is awesome. But it can also be a burden, because if a book sucks, I can’t say, ‘Well, if I had been able to do it my way…’ – because I did do it my way. So working at Image has made me become my own editor. The buck stops here, you know?” [Broken Frontier]

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What Are You Reading?

Deadpool Team-Up #886

Hello and welcome to a special “birthday bash” edition of our weekly “What Are You Reading” feature, where the Robot 6 crew talks about what books we’ve read recently. Usually we invite a special guest to share what they’ve been reading, but since today isn’t just an ordinary day for us, we thought we’d invite a whole bunch of special guests to help us out — our friends and colleagues from Comic Book Resources, Spinoff and Comics Should Be Good!

To see what everyone has been reading, click below …

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More Stokoe comics: Nomad of the Domes

Nomad of the Domes

Since recently launching his blog, Orc Stain creator James Stokoe has been on a wild spree of posting unpublished comics on it. Following some Orc Stain pages and the 100+ pages of Murderbullets comes Nomad of the Domes, which is “a prototype to a lot of ideas in Orc Stain.”

It’s probably also worth noting that if you haven’t checked out his Image title, Orc Stain, just yet, you can find the first three issues on comiXology.

Read over 100 pages of James Stokoe’s unpublished Murderbullets

Poster for Murderbullets by James Stokoe

Poster for Murderbullets by James Stokoe

Move over, WikiLeaks: Here’s a document dump that everyone can get behind. While the rest of the world recovered from its tryptophan hangover this past weekend, Orc Stain cartoonist and Strange Tales II contributor James Stokoe uploaded 102 pages (plus front and back covers and a gigantic poster) of his unpublished comic Murderbullets to his blog.

Stokoe says he developed the project for an abandoned anthology between working on Wonton Soup 2 and Orc Stain; it took on a life of its own and expanded to the 100-page prologue you’ll find at the link, with an additional five chapters to come, before Stokoe decided to work on Orc Stain instead. “I don’t think I would be a decent human being if I released this prologue in print without finishing the rest of the book, but the magic of free internet lets me share it with you now,” he says. I think we can all agree he’s a decent human being indeed. Not a bad artist, either.

Stokoe shares cut Orc Stain story

Long Scar's Heat by James Stokoe

Over on his shiny new blog for his awesome Image Comics series Orc Stain, James Stokoe shares a story that ended up on the cutting room floor. “Here’s some bits that got cut out of the upcoming Orc Stain trade,” he wrote. “About 10 pages in and the end still nowhere near in sight, there was no way I could fit it in/finish it in time.” Go check it out.

Good Lord, it’s James Stokoe’s Galactus

Galactus by James Stokoe

Galactus by James Stokoe

“If you do warmup inks every day, you will eventually draw 4 square feet of GALACTUS!” tweeted Orc Stain writer/artist James Stokoe today, linking to the above picture of the Devourer of Worlds as proof. (Click to see it at full, mind-boggling size.) Jiminy Christmas — if that’s what he does while warming up, what does he do when he really gets going?

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