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Is GM’s Camaro Krypton a ‘Batman v Superman’ special edition?


General Motors has filed two trademark applications that have car-industry websites speculating the company may be rolling out an automotive tie-in to the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

GM Authority was the first to pick up on filings by the Detroit giant for “Krypton” and “Camaro Krypton,” for “motor and land vehicles.” While that blog and others note that krypton is the name of a chemical element, the capitalized version is more widely associated with the home planet of Superman.

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Seattle’s Orcaman takes his eco message to comics


For the better part of a decade, Seattle bricklayer Howard Garton has strapped a fin on his back to become Orcaman, a hero of the waterways who jumps aboard his personal watercraft to entertain ferry passengers and collect floating garbage. But when he realized the job was too big for even Orcaman, Garton turned to comics to spread his ecology message.

Queen Anne News reports Garton invested $20,000 into publishing The Adventures of Orcaman: The Drab Debacle, a 64-page comic about a local environmental hero and his pet pig Orca Porca (the writer just happens to own a pig named Lady Bonita, who has her own fin). Together, Garton writes on his website, the two “not only chase and stop the bad guys, they do it in a stylish and dashing manner.”

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