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Robot Roulette | Cullen Bunn

Welcome back for another round of Robot Roulette, where creators spin the virtual roulette wheel and let Lady Luck determine what questions they’ll answer. We’ve got 36 possible questions, and each week I will select at random which of those questions our guest is subjected to.

This week our guest is Cullen Bunn, who is having a really great weekend at the New York Comic Con. You know him from comics like The Damned (coming soon to Showtime), The Sixth Gun (coming soon to NBC, with a spin-off miniseries coming next year), Deadpool Killustrated (coming from Marvel) and Helheim (coming from Oni Press).

My thanks to Cullen for answering my questions … now let’s get to it. He asks for music recommendations at the end, so be sure to leave yours in the comments section.

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