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Outside the Panels | Phil Gelatt opens the front door to The Bleeding House

The Bleeding House

It’s certainly not uncommon for comic writers to work in a variety of media, whether it’s writing novels, television scripts or for film in addition to creating comics. One writer who joins their ranks is Phil Gelatt, co-creator of Labour Days and the upcoming Petrograd, who makes his film writing and directing debut next week.

Called The Bleeding House, here’s the synopsis from the Tribeca Fim Festival site, where the film will debut: “On the surface, the Smiths are an average American family, with a happily married mother and father, a moody 16-year-old daughter, and a distracted 18-year-old son. But patriarch Matt Smith appears a bit on edge, and the family is eerily damaged by something in its past. One night when a sweet-talking preacher carrying a briefcase arrives at their home after his car is disabled on a nearby road, it seems like this Christian man’s presence may be just the breath of fresh air the family needs. But are the Smiths are ready for the atonement this neighborly guest has in store?

“This creepy thriller, set in the deep woods of Texas suburbia, moves at a steady pace and culminates in an unexpected reckoning of the family’s dark and horrific past. The ensemble cast of newcomers helps keep the story taut with suspense, while first-time director/writer Philip Gelatt creates a haunting portrait of a family that may not deserve to escape its sins.”

I spoke with Gelatt about the film and how the process of creating it was different from his comics work.

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