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Amazing papercraft Millennium Falcon took four years to make

millennium falcon6

When you realize this painstakingly detailed 38-inch model of the Millennium Falcon is made almost entirely of paper, you’ll understand why it took Bernard Szukiel four years — four years! — to build.

As you can see from the photos, Szukiel didn’t gloss over anything; there are even teeny-tiny lights in the instrument panels of the cockpit and gun tub.

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David A. Reeves makes Batman and zombies cut it out

Designer/photographer David A. Reeves has been posting some great paper cutouts on his Tumblr, including a couple of Batman pieces like the one above. You can see his take on The Dark Knight Returns and The Walking Dead below, then head to his blog to see how he made them as well as cutouts featuring samurai, cowboys, and stuff from the video game Limbo.

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The game is afoot with Schweizer’s Sherlock paper figures contest

Chris Schweizer (The Crogan Adventures) is a big Sherlock Holmes fan. He also loves to design paper figures for fans to print and cut out, and sometimes — wonderfully — those two interests come together. Most recently, they’ve merged in a set of paper figures from the popular Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss series Sherlock. He’s even created some 221B Baker Street diorama backgrounds for the set.

Like always, fans can print them out and put them together on their own, but Schweizer is also holding a special contest for Tumblr users to win professionally printed versions. Third prize is a complete set of the Sherlock figures. Second prize is that, plus a professionally printed set of the Arthur Conan Doyle versions. First prize is both sets, plus a custom figure that you tell Schweizer what you want him to draw. So if you want Holmes to team up with Batman in your diorama, or a Sleestak from Land of the Lost, Schweizer can totally make that happen.

All you have to do is have a Tumblr account (they’re free!) and reblog his contest post by 4am Eastern Time early on Saturday, September 29th. “Likes” don’t count. He’ll choose a random winner.

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Assemble your own papercraft Avengers

Most papercraft dolls, as cool as they are, are stumpy little blocky deals, but My Paper Heroes has an Avengers set that smashes the old look. The link will lead you to downloadable PDFs with everything you need, including a variant hairstyle for Black Widow’s Iron Man 2 look, a helmet for Captain America and more. Unlike Widow’s feelings about giant, flying leviathans, I can totally see how that’s a party.

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Straight for the craft | Paper X-Men


I’ve never been a big fan of the X-Men but I’ll be hornswoggled if this collection of papercraft X-Men figures doesn’t seem like one of the better ways to spend a lazy afternoon. That Phoenix figure in particular looks especially fun. (via)

Straight for the craft | We all scream for Joker ice cream

Joker Papercraft

Joker Papercraft

Super Punch always finds the most wonderful toys … check out this Joker ice cream truck papercraft that you can download and assemble for yourself. It’s a great companion piece for this papercraft Batmobile.

Flakey Floont doll sold separately


Papercraft dolls seem to be all the rage these days, a supposition the great Toy-A-Day blog upholds by creating this great Mr. Natural papercraft doll that you can download as a .pdf and put together yourself. Can Devil Girl and Snoid dolls be far behind? (via)

Red marker for simulated blood not included

"Kick-Ass" paper toy

"Kick-Ass" paper toy

Nothing says “hyper-violent superhero comic” quite like this adorable paper toy from Cubeecraft, based on the title character from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s Kick-Ass.  The toy is available for free download here; assembly required. (There’s also a Dick Tracy figure.)

The eighth issue of Kick-Ass is due from Marvel’s Icon imprint in January. Matthew Vaughn’s film adaptation is set to open on April 16, 2010.

(via Super Punch)

What the world’s been waiting for: Alan Moore papercraft dolls

Alan Moore papercraft dolls

Alan Moore papercraft dolls

If you can’t get your hands on the latest issue of British comedy magazine Mustard, which includes a 15-page interview with Alan Moore, maybe this will console you: The publication’s website includes a printable papercraft Alan Moore by Sally Grossart.

Better still, there’s two versions of the doll — one dressed as the writer appeared in Mustard, and the other in his wedding finery. Both feature glowing eyes and a snakes-head cane. Naturally.

(via Forbidden Planet International)

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