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Humanoids’ Jerry Frissen on ‘The Metabaron’ & more


Humanoids’ plans for the return of The Metabaron clearly takes a great deal of advanced work, given that while the new stories were announced in October 2014, the first volume/cycle (of four) will not hit shelves until June 2016. Embarking on what happened to No Name (since the end of the 1990s Metabaron spinoff series by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Juan Gimenez), in this new interview, Metabaron writer Jerry Frissen shares his anticipation for tackling an adventure based on a Jodorowsky plot.

Frissen is known for writing a wide variety of stories, so while we had the opportunity, this discussion also addressed the upcoming World War X (his collaboration with Peter Snejbjerg set for release this April) as well as lessons learned from artist Guy Davis on Zombies That Ate The World.

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Alan Moore developing open-access comics app Electricomics

Alan Moore and Leah Moore

Alan Moore and Leah Moore

Although not a name most would associate with the digital age, Alan Moore is nevertheless spearheading the development of an open-source app that will enable anyone to produce digital comics.

Called Electricomics, the app is described as both a comic and a free, “easy-to-use open source toolkit,” published by Moore and longtime collaborator Mitch Jenkins’ Orphans of the Storm, and funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, which supports “projects that use digital technology to enhance audience reach and/or develop new business models for the arts sector.”

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Peter Snejbjerg returns with graphic novel series World War X: Hélius

After spending much of 2012 absent from comic shelves, artist Peter Snejbjerg is coming back with a vengeance this year with not one, but two new projects.

In addition to returning to the Mignola-verse with a new B.P.R.D. series, in February Snejbjerg will debut a graphic novel series with writer M. Jerry Frissen called World War X: Hélius. It’s set in a near-future story in which the International Space Station breaks communication with Earth, leaving the people on the ground at a loss for why. As it turns out, a bizarre alien life form has awoken from a deep slumber and set it sights on Earth — beginning with the ISS. The only man with the potential to fend off this alien threat is a man named Hélius, who may not be as human as he looks.

“[World War X: Hélius is the] first of a series of 3, out from Le Lombard!,” Snejbjerg posted on his website. “What, it’s in French, you say? You can’t read that? Sure you can, don’t be silly. Otherwise you’ll just have to find an English-language publisher and beat them ’round the head with rolled-up copies of Secret Wars, untill they give in and put it out in a language you can.”

As Snejbjerg playfully explains, there are no announced plans for World War X: Hélius  to be translated for English-speaking audiences. Although Le Lombard has brought some of its books out for British and American readers, the publisher’s track record is rather spotty.

Here’s a trailer Le Lombard released to announce World War X: Hélius:

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What Are You Reading?

A God Somewhere

Happy Easter and welcome to What Are You Reading?, our weekly look back at the comics and other stuff we’ve checked out recently.

Today our special guest is Chris Schweizer, creator of the Crogan Adventures series published by Oni Press and a professor of sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

To see what Chris and the Robot 6 crew have been reading lately, click the link below.

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