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‘2000AD’ offers peek at Paul Grist’s ‘Demon Nic,’ plus more thrills

Demon Nic header

The good burghers of 2000AD have sent along a raft of preview images for new thrills they’ll be running in their venerable anthology in 2014:

• Paul Grist’s Demon Nic. Appearing in the creator-owned slot of the Judge Dredd Megazine previously held by critically acclaimed strips asNumbercruncher” and “Ordinary,” this will be Grist’s first work for the 2000AD stable since 1993.

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What Are You Reading? with Tim Lattie

from Phonogram: The Singles Club

Welcome to What Are You Reading?, where the Robot 6 crew shares their picks for who we think should play a young Han Solo. Of course, we unanimously chose Nathan Fillion, so instead we’ll talk about what comics we’ve been reading. Joining us today is special guest Tim Lattie, the creator of Night Stars. Tim is currently running a Kickstarter to raise funds to publish it, so head over there and check it out.

To see what Tim and the Robot 6 crew have been reading, click below.

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The Fifth Color | Don’t be the bigger man for Christmas

Ant Man's Big Christmas - DF Lee Cvr

That's right - I busted out my Dynamic Forces cover for you guys!

It’s okay to hate the holidays.

Really, no secret Santa brigade will beat you into being jolly. In fact, it’s perfectly natural to get a sort of dread around this season. The sun doesn’t shine as much, the weather outside is frightful, it’s the end of a year and the approach of a new one that we can only hope is better. As much as festive decorations, carols and family dinners might say otherwise, this is the season for frustrations.

Dear reader, I understand this feeling. I work retail. It’s perfectly fine to hate the holidays, and it’s perfectly normal to wish things were better. Charlie Brown Christmas Specials are all well and good, and it’s great to aspire to that Rockwell painting of a warm Christmas dinner, but let’s face it: that’s not reality. Reality sometimes is that a roast is burnt, the family just bickers and drinks, and all those Peanuts kids dance like idiots.

We can’t get the perfect Christmastime we want so badly, but sometimes we can be Avenged. We can take Christmas into our own hands, show some Scrooges what for and make them kinder. We can look at all the little things that make this time, if not perfect, uniquely special. And we can rocket a perverted uncle around in a frilly brassiere once we’ve shrunk him to the size of an action figure.

Folks, this is Ant Man’s Big Christmas.

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Fans petition DC to collect The Monolith

Social networking has done a lot to bring people together on the internet, and comics are no different. Over on Facebook, several determined comics fans have banded together to petition DC Comics to collect The Monolith, a superhero series written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti that ran for 12 issues over the course of 2004 and 2005. Primarily illustrated by co-creator Phil Winslade, The Monolith followed a superheroic golem of the Jewish tradition and the granddaughter of one of the people responsible for his creation in the 1930s.

Although DC has yet to comment on it, co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti made a comment early on to the group’s Facebook wall, saying, “This page is hyterical [sic]!!! MONOLITH DOES NEED A TRADE!!!” Co-creator Phil Winslade, as well as several other comics creator have also chimed in, such as Steve Pugh, John McCrea and Joe Jusko.

Since the series’ final issue in March 2005, the Monolith has guest-starred in two subsequent series also written by Gray & Palmiotti — Hawkman #33 and Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven.

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