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Wonderfully gritty photos capture the daily lives of superheroes


For his humor-tinged series “We Can Be Heroes,” Dubai-based photographer Martin Beck focused not on the costumed do-gooders who get all the glory, but instead the ones who are simply going about their lives, some working just to get by.

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Photographer documents real-life superheroes in portrait series

we the people

Superhero comics are typically about good versus evil, and a growing number of people are taking those lessons to heart — and to the streets — as honest-to-goodness superheroes. Los Angeles photographer Dean Bradshaw has captured some of them in a new series titled “Real Life Superheroes.”

This photo set features heroes like Nevada’s We The People (above) and 18 others, many of whom are based in California. Eighteen of these are new creations dreamed up by the hero, with only one — Chicago’s Moon Knight — taking his name and design from an existing character. Here’s a selection of some of the portraits, but visit Bradshaw’s site to see all of them.

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Atlanta photographer reimagines DC heroes and villains in new exhibit

Golden Age Flash, by Philip Bonneau

The GA Voice profiles Atlanta artist Philip Bonneau, whose comic book-themed photography exhibit “Heroes + Villains #2″ opens April 7 at MISTER, the gay and bisexual men’s community center in Atlanta. While last year’s edition focused on Marvel characters, the new installment spotlights such DC Comics figures as Batman, Robin, Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, The Sandman, Lex Luthor, Catwoman and Alfred Pennyworth (with pulp heroes like Zorro and The Shadow thrown in).

“With comic books and superheroes, they all have secret identities, and there are so many gay connotations,” Bonneau tells the newspaper. “We can all understand trying to fit in.”

Check out some of the images from “Heroes + Villains #2″ below, or visit Bonneau’s Flickr account to see more of his work.

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A Vietnames child reads a comic bought by Vietnamese soldiers in January 1973 (photo by John Downing)

A Vietnames child reads a comic bought by Vietnamese soldiers in January 1973 (photo by John Downing) has just added a gallery called “In Praise of Comic Classics” that spotlights comics, and children reading comics, in photos dating back to the 1930s. Well, not just children: There’s also a photo of a bespectacled young chimp named Kokomo Jr. — I’m not making this up — lounging with a comic in his owner’s New York City apartment. I can’t make out what the title is, but the back cover features a cartoonish ad for Chesterfield King cigarettes. (Hey, kids! Cancer Comics!) It’s a great collection, well worth checking out.

Straight for the ewww | Charles Burns’s Black Hole in the real world

Photo by Max Oppenheim, make-up I can't look at very long by Bill Turpin

Photo by Max Oppenheim, make-up I can't look at very long by Bill Turpin

Photographer Max Oppenheim and prosthetics artist Bill Turpin‘s recreations of the “yearbook photos” found in Charles Burns’s teen-sex-horror graphic novel Black Hole are spreading around the nerd Internet like the teen plague itself. You can find a couple at the Fantagraphics blog, and a couple more at Boing Boing, and a few more at io9, and the whole set at The Operators. Oppenheim and Turpin created the images for British magazine 125, but they’ll be on permanent display in my nightmares.

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