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See photos of people reading comics in public

Reading comics on the beach in Brighton, England

There’s a nice Flickr photo pool developing for Saturday’s inaugural International Read Comics in Public Day. The group already features submissions from Poland, England, Malaysia, Colombia, Spain, Germany, the Philippines, and across the United States.

The proper use of photos

machouse fwb_line_013

Faith Erin Hicks used photos of her hometown, Halifax, to create settings for her graphic novel Friends With Boys, and she puts up a few side-by-side comparisons of photos and drawings in her LJ. It’s interesting to see how she transforms them—the finished drawings are not only livelier than the photos, they are quite different in composition and details. Compare that to the obviously photo-referenced panels that Frank Santoro was complaining about the other day—it’s a whole different world.

Seth Kushner’s fumetti of cool

Photographer Seth Kushner is launching a new feature at Act-I-Vate today: Seth Kushner’s Culture Pop is a series of interviews with creative folks, rendered as photo-comics. Kushner has an interesting career that walks the borderline between comics and photography; he is the co-author of the webcomic Schmuck, which mixes photographic and drawn panels, and he and Christopher Irving collaborate on photo and interview profiles of comics artists at the Graphic NYC blog. And Kushner just went international: A selection of his portraits of comics artists (including Eisner nominee Josh Neufeld showing off his Tintin collection) was featured in the weekend supplement to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.


Straight for the ‘shop | Dean Trippe’s “Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things”

President Obama gains sight beyond sight

President Obama gains sight beyond sight

You know him best as the mastermind of Project Rooftop, but apparently cartoonist Dean Trippe has a sideline gig as Barack Obama’s presidential photographer. How else to explain the photo series “Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things” Trippe is hosting on his tumblr, featuring our chief executive getting up close and personal with Lion-O’s Sword of Omens, Green Lantern’s Power Ring, Speed Racer’s Mach 5, Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber, Batman’s batarangs, Captain America’s shield and many more objects of geekery? (Oh man, if you thought the debate over whether Red Hulk would be able to pick up Mjolnir was divisive….)

(via Ryan “Agent M” Penagos)

Photo of the day | Tommy Lee Edwards and Jonathan Ross, roll out!

Tommy Lee Edwards and Jonathan Ross

Tommy Lee Edwards and Jonathan Ross

Turf collaborators Tommy Lee Edwards and Jonathan Ross, armed and on the move in North Carolina. “Here’s how we roll,” Ross wrote this afternoon on Twitter.

Straight for the art | Ben Templesmith’s photos from Barrow, Alaska

Barrow, Alaska (photo by Ben Templesmith)

Barrow, Alaska (photo by Ben Templesmith)

Ben Templesmith has begun to post photos from his recent visit to Barrow, Alaska, northernmost city in the United States and the Arctic setting of his 2002 miniseries (with Steve Niles) 30 Days of Night.

“It was a homecoming of sorts,” Templesmith writes on his blog. “To the place that changed my life in many ways because of a book that became a movie. Time now, to put all that well in the past and move on. This was a symbolic ‘goodbye’ to all that, on the day of my birthday. No phone, no net. Just me and my thoughts on the shore of the Arctic Ocean.”

Some cartoonists need to look in the mirror a bit more often

the real James Kochalka and the alter ego

the real James Kochalka and the alter ego

You ever notice how cartoonists, even the most photorealistic ones, never draw themselves how they actually look? Either their self-portraits are utterly unflattering, or they go too far in the other direction and make themselves unrealistically attractive. That’s why this (admittedly Webcomics-heavy) rundown of various cartoonists and how they portray themselves in their work is such a boon. Now you know who to pester the next time you’re strolling down the Artists’ Alley of your favorite convention. (FYI: First Second has some artist self-portraits up as well, though only one photo. Bummer.)

Who was that masked Fantagraphics cartoonist?


Well, that’s Like A Dog author Zak Sally above, but Fanta has a whole Flickr set full of photos of some of their most notable creators and contributors, which is great if you ever wanted to know what Jason or Richard Sala looked like. (Note: Fanta’s Mike Baehr notes that some of these photos are kinda old, and asks not to use them for press/publicity purposes, mkay?)

Straight for the art | Superheroes meet history


I can’t tell if this is really awesome, really funny or really offensive. It might be all three.

Straight for the art | Seth Kushner’s cosplayer portraits

Green Lantern, by Seth Kushner

Green Lantern, by Seth Kushner

At Graphic NYC, photographer Seth Kushner showcases some of the portraits of cosplayers he’s taken over the past couple of years at comic conventions.

“It’s no secret that I’m a comics fan,” Kushner writes. “If you’re reading this, then odds are you are, too. I’ve been a fan since before I was able to read and have collected weekly for over twenty-six years. But, I have never worn a costume to a comic con. Just not my thing. To me, that is a different level of fandom, and one which I find fascinating.”

The best reason for Facebook’s existence? Yes.

Now that's a lineup of talent

Now that's a lineup of talent

If you don’t have a Facebook account (and I don’t necessarily blame you if you don’t) you’ve been missing the wonderful photos that Carol Hernandez — wife of Gilbert Hernandez — has been posting of the Los Bros. on the Love and Rockets Fan Page. It’s full of great blow-your-mind yesteryear pics like the one above, (from left) Sergio Aragones, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Gilbert Hernandez and Robert Crumb at the Anglouleme festival in France, circa 1990. Also included: pics of Michelle Shocked, Russ Myer and Dennis the Menace creator Hank Ketcham.

Go look: Gorey’s home

Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey

Filmmaker Chris Seufert is putting together a documentary about the late illustrator and cartoonist Edward Gorey and has a posted a Flickr set of photos taken from the author’s house. You know, in case you were wondering what the home of a guy who would write “The Gashleycrumb Tales” would look like.

Spider-Man cares about fuel efficiency

Spider-Man drives a Mini

Spider-Man drives a Mini

The above photo was nicked from the Forbidden Planet blog, where they have other photos of a number of costumed folk enjoying the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s annual Cavalcade.

SDCC ’09 | Cavalcade of photos


I think I took most of these on Thursday evening about 15 minutes before the dealer room was closing down. The crowds had mostly cleared out, and I was able to sneak down to the Hollywood end of things to snap some shots. Although I was almost caught up in a “free Twilight New Moon poster” scramble that was going on at one of the booths.

The above shot is the Super Hero Squad display at the Hasbro booth.

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Dear Chris, please pick me up an Astro Boy cookie jar. Thanks.

Astro Boy and Kimba guard the Tezuka installation

Astro Boy and Kimba guard the Tezuka installation

Chris Butcher is once again touring the Land of the Rising Sun and sending back photos of his excursions. So far he’s bought manga about cats and stopped by the  Village Vanguard book store, but the real gold mine so far is his trip to the Tezuka World Installation. Man, I can think of at least five people who would love getting one of those Astro Boy coffee mugs for Christmas.

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