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This ‘Pokémon’ theme jazz cover is smooth, smoky and stuck in your head


The Pokémon theme is so memorable, and so catchy, that its mere mention can trigger spontaneous, heartfelt outbursts of “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.” (You’re humming it now, aren’t you?) But no matter how many times you’ve watched the opening of the animated series, and belted out the song along with it, you’re probably never heard it performed quite like this.

Singer Sara Niemietz slows things down with this terrific jazz rendition of the Pokémon theme, backed by Scott Bradlee & Friends, injecting some sophistication into a cartoon about kids training pocket monsters to battle each other.

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Men suspected of plotting Pokemon attack plead not guilty

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo

Bail was set Tuesday at $150,000 for the two Iowa men accused of plotting an armed attack against the Pokemon World Championships, held in Boston in August. That’s double the amount requested by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Kevin Norton, 18, and James Stumbo, 27, pleaded not guilty at their arraignment in Suffolk Superior Court on charges of possession of a large-capacity weapon and other crimes.

The Boston Herald reports that in setting the bail, Suffolk Superior Court Clerk-Magistrate Gary D. Wilson explained their are no conditions of release that would prevent the defendants from purchasing more firearms. “They can buy guns anywhere: Wal-Mart, Bass Pro Shops. … I’m not going to add a thousand conditions that are virtually unenforceable.”

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Men suspected in Pokemon championship plot head back to court

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo

Two Iowa men suspected of plotting to attack the Pokemon World Championships in August will be arraigned today in a Boston courtroom.

Kevin Norton, 18, and James Stumbo, 27, have been held without bail on firearms charges since their arrests on Aug. 22 after police found guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the car the two drove to the Boston event. Prosecutors say they made multiple online threats against the Pokemon World Championships, which they’d been invited to attend.

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A real-life Pokémon Gym is opening in Japan

pokemon gym3

Just when you thought the upcoming augmented-reality game might be the closest you’ll ever get to real-life Pokémon, a Japanese company has announced an actual Pokémon Gym.

Opening Nov. 19 in Osaka, the Pokémon Expo Gym is described as a “hands-on edutainment” facility where young Trainers — and probably more than a few older ones — can receive tips about training their (obviously real) Pokémon.

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Watch: Ronda Rousey reveals her Pokemon workout


UFC champion and Captain Marvel hopeful Ronda Rousey has finally revealed the secret to her success in the ring: the Pokémon workout.

While training to defend her title against Holly Holm, Rousey donned a Pikachu costume to show ESPN’s Sports Center just how it’s done (and raise a few eyebrows at the gym). A word of warning to Holm: Watch out for Rousey’s Volt Tackle.

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Like Poké-butts and you cannot lie? Pokémon has you covered


If you’ve been in the market for Pokémon butts, then you’re in luck, because the Pokémon Company now has them in all shapes and sizes.

The newly released Hip Pop! Parade collection is all about the butts, with key chains, coffee mugs, cushions, magnets, bags, folders and more, all focusing on the derrieres of Pikachu, Piplup, Growlithe, Swablu, Buizel and Azumarill. There’s even Pikachu boxer shorts for men and women, so you can wear the pocket monster’s behind on yours.

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Artist cleverly unmasks iconic characters, from Batman to Goku


Chicago artist Alex Solis cleverly pulls back the curtain on 16 famous characters in a series of illustrations titled “Icons Unmasked.”

Like cast members at Disney World, the pop-culture icons remove the heads of their costumes to reveal what lurks beneath. In the case of some of the characters — Batman and Robin, for instance — it’s a literal representation of their names. For others, like Kermit and the Beast, it’s a bit more playful.

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Pikachu is a cuddly, deadly luchador in ‘Pokkén Tournament’


If you aren’t already excited for the release of Bandai Namco’s Pokkén Tournament next spring on Wii U, you undoubtedly will be after watching this trailer in which adorable Pikachu is a mask- and singlet-wearing luchador who’s here to take names and kick ass. Only he she doesn’t actually give a damn about names.

Released to Japanese arcades in July, Pokkén Tournament is pretty much what you see below: a fighting game in which two players battle it out with Pokémon. Of course the first fight will be over who gets to play Masked Pikachu.

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Pokémon evolve in these clever nesting doll illustrations


Clearly it’s nearly impossible to catch ‘em all, but designer Michael Meyers does his best in this series of Pokémon illustrations inspired by Russian nesting dolls.

Titled, “Poketryoshka,” a playful nod to matryoshka, the series depicts each form of the pocket monster, captured within a Poké Ball. For instance, Raichu gives way to Pikachu, which reveals Pichu.

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With ‘Pokémon Go,’ you can catch ‘em all — in real life


If the just-announced Pokémon augmented-reality game lives up to even a fraction of the promise of the debut trailer, we’ll soon be dodging Pokémon Trainers on our way to work and the supermarket, or else joining them in the fun.

Inviting us to “Imagine Pokémon in the real world,” The Pokémon Company has partnered with Nintendo and Niantic for Pokémon Go, a game for Android and iOS smartphones that will allowplayers to track down and capture the pocket monsters outside, in real settings.

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Suspects in alleged Pokemon plot will remain in jail

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo

Two Iowa men suspected of planning a mass shooting last month at the Pokemon World Championships in Boston will be held without bail for the next four months.

Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Joseph Janezic argued today in a dangerousness hearing that Kevin Norton, 18, and James Stumbo, 27, weren’t mere ” keyboard commandos,” but instead possessed the capabilities to carry out their alleged online threats.

According to The Boston Globe, the prosecutor was able to sway Judge Thomas C. Horgan, who determined the defendants are too dangerous to be free while they await trial.

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Pokemon Company drops the hammer on unsanctioned fan party


The Pokémon Company International filed a lawsuit last week that shut down an unsanctioned Pokémon-themed party tied to PAX Prime in Seattle.

The company, which manages the multibillion-dollar Pokémon property outside Asia, on Wednesday sued the organizers of the for-profit “5th Annual Unofficial Pokemon PAX Kickoff Party,” accusing them of copyright infringement, specifically citing the use of Pikachu and Snivy in promotional images. Ramar Larkin Jones, Zach Shore and Ruckus Productions are named as defendants in the complaint.

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‘Pokemon’ recreated in ‘GTA V’ is even weirder than you imagine


As strange, and slightly disturbing, as it may have been to see the Scooby-Doo and the gang dropped into the world of Grand Theft Auto V, it’s nothing compared to this recreation of the Pokémon opening.

Created by YouTuber Merfish using an assortment of GTA V PC Mods, if the video doesn’t make you nostalgic, it will at least leave you viewing Pikachu in a decidedly different light.

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Suspects in Pokemon championship threats held without bail

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo

Two Iowa men whom police say planned a mass shooting at the Pokémon World Championships in Boston were ordered held without bail Monday. A dangerousness hearing is set for Sept. 1.

Kevin Norton, 18, and James Stumbo, 27, who were invited to participate in the weekend tournament, were arrested Saturday on firearms charges after police were alerted to alleged threats they’d made to the event through social media.

“We can never read someone’s mind,” The Boston Globe quotes Police Superintendent Paul A. Fitzgerald as saying. “What we can read is what they were saying and the actions that they took, bringing the weapons they were showing online as a threat.”

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Two arrested in apparent threat to Pokémon World Championships

pokeman championships threat-social

Two Iowa men who traveled to Boston to play in the Pokémon World Championships were arrested Saturday on firearms charges after police, alerted that the pair had made “threats of violence over social media,” discovered guns and ammunition in their car.

James Stumbo, 27, and Kevin Norton, 18, were invited to play in the “masters division” of the championships, held over the weekend at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. On Wednesday, Stumbo allegedly posted a photo (below) of two guns on the trunk of a car to the Mayhem Pokemon Crew Facebook page, with the message, “Kevin Norton and I are ready for worlds Boston here we come!!!” When another poster wished them “Good luck,” Stumbo responded, “With killing the competition?”

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