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Isabel Kickstarts ‘Pole Dancing Adventures’ print edition


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While I am no master of the vertical pole, and while I’m sure that attempting something like “The Superman” would result in several slipped disks, a concussion, and a few suspicious bruises, I quite liked Leen Isabel’s webcomic Pole Dancing Adventures. It explored pole dancing from the point of view of someone who sees it as an athletic activity, breaking down popular perception that it’s something anyone should be ashamed about. It also provided some nifty tips and tricks — again, something I and my ungrateful 200-pound frame would never attempt. Still, an enjoyable peek into the finesse involved.

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The trials and tribulations of pole dancing


For me, the exotic-dancing connotations of pole dancing was a surprise to me when I first heard about it (which was some time in college, I think). “You mean, they’re spinning around something on stage that looks like a fire pole? That’s the show? That’s why people go to those seedy bars? Why is that considered erotic?”

I mean, I get the theory: Athletic women in skimpy outfits bending and stretching are probably quite alluring to watch. But more titillating than, say, just a straight-up burlesque routine? Or belly-dancing, where fantastically sculpted abs aren’t obscured by the harsh vertical element of a metal pole? I wasn’t seeing it.

That is until I read Leen Isabel’s webcomic Pole Dancing Adventures. That’s when it clicked: The reason pole dancing is so popular in gentlemen’s establishments is the amazing feats of derring-do.

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