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Eye candy overload!

I’ve got to hand it to Comics Alliance/Moviefone blogger (and CBR alumnus) Andy Khouri: Late last week, he assembled two absolutely stunning image galleries for his readers’ delectation. First up, over on CA, he put together the first of what he promises will be a his latest weekly look at the “Best Art Ever (This Week)”, an extensive selection of cool artwork — some old, some new, some fan, some pro — from around the Internet. Highlights in this week’s batch include the above Scott Pilgrim pin-up by Bryan Lee O’Malley, Wonder Woman and her invisible jet by Mike Allred, a steampunk version of The Lord of the Rings‘ Witch-King by Max Arkes, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Gilbert Hernandez (!!!!!!).

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This American Life‘s X-Men poster

If you’re a fan of the X-Men, This American Life and Mike Allred’s art, your ship has come in. Last year’s “>Nation X #1 included a story by James Asmus and Mike Allred that featured Wolverine and Nightcrawler riding around in a pick-up listening to This American Life, and now the radio program is selling a poster of the panel that references host Ira Glass.

If you aren’t sure if this poster is for you, they’ve even provided a handy Venn diagram that should help you decide.

(Thanks, Dan!)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the X-Men [UPDATED]

I’d imagine that for many Robot 6 readers, there are no sweeter five words in the English language than the title of this post. Then allow me to introduce you to this variant version of a new Scott Pilgrim poster from the upcoming SP box set. Drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley and colored by Rico Renzi (who came up with the idea of this particular version), it popped up on the Tumblr of Oni’s Douglas E. Sherwood the other day and which features Scott and the gang sporting color schemes and power sets that bear a striking resemblance to a certain set of mighty mutants. Envy Adams as Rogue to Scott’s Gambit is an inspired choice, as are Ramona Flowers as Mystique, Knives Chau as Psylocke Jubilee, Gideon Graves as Mister Sinister…aw, who am I kidding, this mashup is a thing of geeky beauty from top to bottom. K.O.!

Cartoonists for Criterion

Night of the Hunter, by Matt Kindt

Top-of-the-line DVD house the Criterion Collection is no stranger to comics. In addition to employing the likes of Adrian Tomine and Jaime Hernandez to draw covers for classic films from around the globe, they’ve also recently received rave reviews for their deluxe rerelease of Terry Zwigoff’s stranger-than-fiction documentary Crumb.

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Alamo Drafthouse’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World posters debut tonight

by Martin Ansin

by Martin Ansin

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse, arguably the coolest movie theater in the world, teamed up with Universal to create the above poster that they’ll be selling at a special screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tonight. A small quantity of the poster will also be available online Friday on the Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique website, Mondo.

The poster was created by artist Martin Ansin — or posters, actually. According to the Mondo blog, there’s also a variant edition that’ll debut at the screening tonight.

Tonight’s event, a special Fantastic Fest/Ain’t It Cool News screening, will feature director Edgar Wright and members of the cast. I’m told there will also be “a special menu themed to the film and legendary post-screening activities with epic surprises.” Which may sound like hype, but the Drafthouse rarely lets you down. For instance, back before the new Star Trek film came out, they invited folks to a special screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, and after the first 5 minutes, the print broke down. A man in a trench coat walked out in front of the theater with print cans. He revealed himself to be Leonard Nimoy and asked the theater if they’d like to be the first audience in the world to see J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau also made a surprise visit to the Alamo Drafthouse for the first public screening of Iron Man 2 (which, incidentally, they also created some cool posters for).

If you’re interested in getting the above poster, keep an eye on the Mondo website — they will likely sell out fast.

The gum must be made of Kryptonite


Pink Tentacle shares an awesome series of posters “that appeared in the Tokyo subways between 1976 and 1982.” They offer riders etiquette lessons and reminders, and feature a wide variety of pop culture icons — including Superman, Astro Boy, John Wayne, Santa Claus and Jesus, among others.

Via Super Punch

SDCC Wishlist | Get your Scott Pilgrim gig posters in San Diego


These could be even hotter than the Scott Pilgrim T-shirts from WonderCon … Oni Press will sell sets of four limited edition Scott Pilgrim gig posters for $120 a set. Here’s how they describe them:

Oni Press, Bryan Lee O’Malley and Daniel Danger’s Tiny Media Empire have teamed up for a limited edition run of Scott Pilgrim gig posters. Each of the four silkscreened gig posters feature a band from the Scott Pilgrim comics by Bryan Lee O’Malley including: Sex Bob-omb, Clash at Demonhead, Crash & the Boys, and Kid Chameleon.

Tiny Media Empire and three powerhouse artists have each lent their style to one of the bands in the Scott Pilgrim series. Kevin Tong, best know for his gig poster work with Sonic Youth, Weezer, and Wilco, took on the Scott Pilgrim series’ quintessential band Sex Bob-omb. Daniel Danger, founder of Tiny Media Empire, put together a legendary video game reference masterpiece for his Clash At Demonhead gig poster. Underground comics favorite, Hellen Jo, used her trademark vibrant style for the quirky Crash & The Boys. And gig poster pros, Aesthetic Apparatus, have created an iconic gem for Scott Pilgrim’s high school band Kid Chameleon.

Each of the four silkscreened, four-color, 18″ x 24″ posters is numbered and collected into a set and 200 sets will be sold at the Oni Press Booth (#1833) during San Diego Comic Con for $120 each. In addition to the full sets, 300 copies of a variant on Kevin Tong’s Sex Bob-omb gig poster featuring a metallic ink will available separately for $35.

If you aren’t going to the show, you can buy them online from each of the artist’s websites:

Check out the other two posters, as well as a lot more SP stuff Oni will have at the con, after the jump …

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Straight for the art | Marvel/Third Eye blacklight posters

art by John Buscema

art by John Buscema

The illustrious Agent M directs us to this eye-melting gallery of blacklight posters based on Marvel Comics art from Third eye, Inc., assembled by cartoonist Nick Derington. In the comments for one image, Paul Pope reveals that DC’s Mark Chiarello has some of these in his office. But could even the most ardent pro-DC/anti-Marvel fan blame him? Look at these things!

Straight for the art | Now Showing — reimagined movie posters

xxx, by Tomer Hanuka, and "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" by Nathan Fox

"Blow-Up" by Tomer Hanuka and "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" by Nathan Fox

What did art shows do before the Internet? Back then, you had one brief shining moment, or month as the case may have been, to catch a great show at a gallery or museum before its collected works were lost to the ether. Nowadays, however, the tubes can pipe the visual riches to you in perpetuity.

Such is the case with “Now Showing: Exploring the Lost ‘Art’ of the Film Poster.” Curated by Wear It With Pride, the exhibition ran last year at the COSH Gallery in London and Vallery in Barcelona, and featured reinterpretations of classic and cult film posters by comics artists Nathan Fox, Tomer Hanuka, and 40 other illustrators and designers. From The Lost Boys to The Planet of the Apes, A Clockwork Orange to Soylent Green, The Birds to Blade Runner, Dr. No to Rear Window to Tampopo, there’s bound to be something to delight any lover of fine film and/or eye-melting art. Click here to see ‘em all in a Flickr set.

(Via Jason Adams.)

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