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Comics A.M. | Essex County voted off Canada Reads, NYCC tickets on sale

Essex County, Vol. 1

Awards | Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed Essex County was the first finalist eliminated Monday in the Canada Reads literary debates to select the essential Canadian novel of the decade. Despite a defense by musician Sara Quin, the graphic novel was voted down by the five-person celebrity panel after the first hour, not because of content but because of format: Four of the judges just couldn’t get past Essex County‘s “lack of words.” This year marked the first time that a graphic novel had been a finalist for the prestigious Canada Reads program.

“Well, I was the first book voted off of the Canada Reads competition today, and I’ll admit that it stings a bit more than I thought it would,” Lemire wrote on his blog. “But, in the end I am really proud of the accomplishment of making it to the final 5. It’s a great sign for the future of graphic novels in this country, and their continued acceptance mainstream literary circles on a whole.” [Afterword, CBC News]

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NYCC ’10 | Stan Lee working on sci-fi Romeo and Juliet graphic novel

Romeo and Juliet: The War

Romeo and Juliet: The War

The busiest man in comics keeps getting busier, as Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and 1821 Pictures are teaming up for three new graphic novels.

Per Deadline Hollywood, Lee and Terry Douglas will write the first one, Romeo and Juliet: The War, which sets William Shakespeare’s famous lovers in a futuristic setting. Skan Srisuwan will provide the art, and the book is due out in the spring.

Here’s the description of the project provided by Deadline: “Two groups of superhuman soldiers turn the Empire of Verona into the most powerful territory on earth. The Montagues (powerful cyborgs made of artificial DNA) team with the Capulets (genetically enhanced humans with super speed and agility) to destroy all threats to Verona. When they succeed, they turn on one another in a race for total dominance. In this volatile backdrop, a young Monague boy and Capulet girl fall in love and plan to marry in secret.”

Bleeding Cool reported last month that 1821 Pictures is getting into the comics game with Stan Lee, in addition to working on a documentary called Stan Lee: True Believer. The production company previously worked on The Invention Of Lying, The Box and Swing Vote.

The news of Lee’s newest project follows closely on the heels of his other newly announced project, that he’s creating superheroes for the National Hockey League.

Update: You can find more information in the official press release.

Video: Stan Lee reaches out to retailers about upcoming BOOM! titles

As you’ve probably heard, comics legend Stan Lee has three new titles he’s created with Mark Waid, Paul Cornell and Chris Roberson for BOOM! Studios. Above is a marketing video from YouTube featuring “The Man” reaching out to retailers.

Toy company sues Stan Lee and Archie Comics over Super Seven trademark

Stan Lee's "Super Seven"

Stan Lee's "Super Seven"

A toy manufacturer and distributor claims Stan Lee, POW! Entertainment, Archie Comics, A Squared Entertainment and others violated its trademark with the new multimedia series Super Seven — after two of the companies promised they wouldn’t.

Announced in February, Super Seven is a planned comics, animation and online property about seven aliens whose spaceship crashes on Earth, where they’re befriended by Lee and resume their lives as superheroes.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in San Francisco federal court, Super7 says its attorney contacted A Squared Entertainment and Lee’s POW! Entertainment in March to point out its longstanding trademarks and warn them not to violate those rights. In a response received later that month, the toymaker was reportedly assured the companies “have decided to move in a different direction and are in the process of developing another mark for their products.” In another letter, in early June, Super7 was told the companies planned to trademark “Stan Lee and the Super Seven.” The toymaker’s counsel responded the name was still too similar and “would be likely to confuse consumers,” and invited the attorney for the two companies to contact Super7 “to discuss the matter further.”

The plaintiff claims it heard nothing more on the matter until last month when, during Comic-Con International in San Diego, Stan Lee and executives from Archie Comics and A Squared Entertainment announced Super Seven will launch later this year.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, a judgment ordering Lee and his co-defendants to stop using Super7’s trademark, and the destruction of all prints, packaging and advertisements bearing the names “Super Seven” or “Stan Lee and the Super Seven.”

SDCC ’10 | BOOM! Studios announces three new Stan Lee comics


At 80+, Stan Lee is the iron man of comics; he is all over SDCC this weekend, appearing not just with Boom! Studios but also touting his work for Archie Comics and Viz manga. Boom! Studios kicked things off by announcing that they will be publishing three superhero comics based on characters created by Lee and his company Pow! Entertainment: Soldier Zero, written by Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) with art by Javier Pina (Superman); The Traveler, written by Mark Waid with art by Chad Hardin (Amazing Spider-Man), and Starborn, written by Chris Roberson (iZombie) with art by Khary Randolph (The X-Men). CBR has posted interviews with Cornell, Waid, and Roberson about their work on the three titles.

Full press release after the cut.

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Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment expands ties with Disney

Time Jumper

Time Jumper

As CBR mentioned earlier today, Disney’s purchase of Marvel is a done deal. On the same day that deal closes, another press release involving someone with close ties to both companies hits the wires.

POW! Entertainment announced today that it is “deepening its ties” with the Walt Disney Company. POW!, of course, is the entertainment company headed by Stan Lee, co-creator of many of Marvel’s biggest characters. Disney already has a first-look deal with POW! for the various projects the company is creating (which includes Disney’s Time Jumper and a couple of live action features, as listed here), but now Disney will have “enhanced rights to the creative output of POW!” and “exclusive consulting services.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I imagine we’ll find out once everyone has the opportunity to dive into this a little deeper after the holiday weekend. Disney is also buying a 10 percent equity stake in POW! for $2.5 million.

The complete press release is available after the jump.

Addendum: Oh yeah, for your press release collection, here’s Disney’s PR on the close of the Marvel deal today.

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