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J is for Joyride: Klein, Ha team for art print

Letterer and designer Todd Klein has been making his way through the alphabet for the last few years in a series of art prints that he sells on his site. Each print finds him teaming with a different writer or artist, including Steve Rude, Shawn McManus and Dave Gibbons, just to name a few.

His 10th print, which can be found below, is sponsored by the letter “J.” It finds Klein and artist Gene Ha taking a joyride into Greek mythology and the story of the Pegasus.

“Famed artist Gene Ha has illustrated a key moment from the story of Bellerophon, a hero of Greek myth, who has captured the winged horse Pegasus and returned to his lady love, Princess Philona of Lycia to give her the ride of her life,” Klein said in a press release. It’s based on a short story written by Klein, inspired by the retelling of the Pegasus myth by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Both stories can be found on Klein’s website, where you can also buy the print.

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Buy Jonny Negron’s skull-crushingly great Drive print

I was a bit horrified to discover that I’d never before linked to the luminously sleazy work of artist and cartoonist Jonny Negron here on Robot 6. He’s one of my favorite talents to come along in ages. Then again, with NSFW images like this and this and this as his bread and butter, I guess that’s not too surprising. But that’s not a concern with his gorgeous portrait of Ryan Gosling in Drive, Nicholas Winding Refn’s instantly iconic neon-noir crime flick. Negron’s selling 11×17 prints of the piece for the low low price of $7, thus proving himself to be both a real human being and a real hero.

SDCC Wishlist | Joëlle Jones’ vintage ad prints

Vintage ads by Joëlle Jones

You Have Killed Me and Spell Checkers artist Joëlle Jones has been sharing vintage ad parodies on her blog recently, and now she’s announced she’ll have prints of six of them in San Diego this week. Each print is limited to 25 and is hand numbered. You can find her in Artist’s Alley at table #HH13

Andy Kuhn RAWKs Tr!ckster with exclusive print


Firebreather artist Andy Kuhn sent over a peek at “RAWK!,” his new $25 limited edition print that’ll be available exclusively at the Tr!ckster store. If you’re attending Comic-Con in San Diego next week, be sure to drop by Tr!ckster, the free event that will take place at the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center, to check out everything they have for sale, have a drink (with a cool glass!) and hang out with artists.

Cloonan and Moses Drink the Blood of the Dragon

Drink the Blood of the Dragon / Speak the Language of Birds

Demo artist Becky Cloonan posts a new print she and painter/tattoo artist Mike Moses teamed up to create:

“Drink the Blood of the Dragon / Speak the Language of Birds” depicts Sigurd and Fafnir from the Völsunga Saga. After Sigurd had slain Fafnir with the sword Gram, Odin came to him disguised as an old man and instructed him to bathe in the blood of the dragon, and eat it’s heart to grant him invulnerability and the ability to communicate with birds.

The print costs $30, and purchasing info can be found at the first link above.

Saturday Shelf Porn

Welcome once again to Shelf Porn, where fans show off their collections of comics, graphic novels and the like. Today’s Shelf Porn was submitted by Fritz Park from Seoul, Korea, whose collection is currently on display at a local bookstore.

If you’d like to submit your own Shelf Porn, we could certainly use it — just send a write-ups and jpgs to

And now here’s Fritz.

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Robot 666 | Take aim at The Walking Dead with Jordan Crane, Lisa Hanawalt, Johnny Ryan, and Jon Vermilyea

The Walking Dead print by Jordan Crane

The Walking Dead print by Jordan Crane

Whoa. These are pretty much the last official promotional items I ever expected to see, but man am I ever glad I’m seeing them: Alternative-comics creators Jordan Crane, Lisa Hanawalt, Johnny Ryan, and Jon Vermilyea have each created a Walking Dead print. Made to look like shooting-range practice targets, the prints tie in with Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard (and Tony Moore)’s series, the television adaptation of which will make its debut on AMC this Halloween. Each print is signed by the artist and by Kirkman himself, emblazoned with the “Grant County, Georgia Law Enforcement and Public Safety” logo, limited to a run of 100, and priced to sell at $40. Best of all, each artist worked in his or her own inimitable style: Crane’s features linework so impeccable it actually becomes somewhat menacing itself, Ryan’s is spectacularly gross and upsetting, Vermilyea’s is a riot of squiggly detail, and Hanawalt’s has a cat’s head instead of a human’s.

The prints were curated by L.A.’s Secret Headquarters. Click here to see them all and buy them, but remember: If you end up using them for target practice, headshots only!

(Hat tip: David Paggi)

SDCC Wishlist | Cliff Chiang creates new Star Wars propaganda posters

Fett ... Boba Fett

Fett ... Boba Fett

Based on the popularity of the propaganda posters he created for a line of Topps Star Wars cards, Greendale artist Cliff Chiang was invited to create some new posters for Acme Archives, which will debut in San Diego next week.

“We have an Art Deco-inspired Imperial recruiting poster, a Chairman Mao-style Rebel poster, and a 60’s spy film poster featuring the galaxy’s slickest bounty hunter (and a few others),” he said on his blog.

The posters will be available at the Acme Archives booth or via their website next week.

Take a bite out of Jordan Crane’s zombie print

"Consciousness of Lack" by Jordan Crane

"Consciousness of Lack" by Jordan Crane

To paraphrase Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos, EFF George A. Romero*–Jordan Crane just took him to zombie school.

The master cartoonist, designer and printmaker behind Uptight, The Clouds Above, NON and the webcomics collective What Things Do has just unveiled the zombie-tastic print above, titled “Consciousness of Lack.” Printed and signed by Crane himself, the piece costs $80 and can be purchased at his website.

The undead are well worth a few dead presidents, no?

*Just kidding

Straight for the art | Paul Hornschemeier prints

Project: Superior print by Paul Hornschemeier and Chris Pitzer

Project: Superior print by Paul Hornschemeier and Chris Pitzer

They once were lost but now are found: Cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier of Strange Tales and All & Sundry fame recently discovered extra copies three very cool prints he thought he’d sold out of long ago, and is offering them for sale on his blog for $30 a pop. Included are promotional prints for AdHouse’s Project: Superior anthology (above), Hornschemeier’s book Mother, Come Home (once published by Dark Horse and soon to be rereleased by Fantagraphics), and an appearance by the artists of The Holy Consumption, the now-disbanded collective that consisted of Hornschemeier, Jeffrey Brown, Anders Nilsen, and John Hankiewicz, drawn by all four artists. Your wall wants ‘em.

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