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‘Batgirl Begins Again’ with Project: Rooftop costume redesigns

Batgirl redesign by Chris Samnee

Batgirl redesign by Chris Samnee

It boggles my mind that it’s been more than eight years since cartoonist Dean Trippe and current ROBOT 6 contributor Chris Arrant launched Project: Rooftop, a website dedicated to superhero costume redesigns, but indeed it has. They were inspired by a “Draw Batgirl” meme that made the rounds in 2006, and to mark eight years they returned to the subject with “Batgirl Begins Again,” to typically stellar results.

They’ve posted their top three entries, as selected by a panel of the site’s regular judges plus special guests; you’ll recognize the names of at least two of the chosen artists — Chris Samnee and Joe Quinones — and will likely be searching for more work by the third, Elizabeth Beals.

Check out Samnee’s Batgirl redesign, and visit Project: Rooftop for me. The site promises to show off the runners-up next week.

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The Good, the Bat and the Ugly: Giovanni Costa’s Spaghetti Gotham

Well, these are delightful: Superhero design blog Project: Rooftop linked to the blog of Italian artist Giovanni Costa, who has recreated a sizable chunk of the Batman cast in a Western mode. Costa has a delightful style, a little bit DePatie-Freleng, a little bit Genndy Tartakovsky, and he’s clearly put plenty of thought into the conceptualizing of the project (Bartender Alfred — genius!). Examples a-plenty below.

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Win cool prizes for redesigning Spider-Man

Project: Rooftop, the costume redesign site run by our own Chris Arrant, and comics retailer Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics have teamed up for a contest that asks artists get “to spin a new web” for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

In “Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0.,” artists can redesign Spider-Man for a chance to win one of several prizes:

  • First Prize: The Spider-Man Diamond Select Maquette (retail value of $85) and a bagged copy of Ultimate Spider-Man #160.
  • Second Prize: Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 5 Softcover (retail value of $25) and a bagged copy of Ultimate Spider-Man #160.
  • Third Prize: Spider-Man: Peter Parker Essential Vol. 3 (retail value of $18) and a bagged copy of Ultimate Spider-Man #160.

“Encouraging artists is something I’ve always enjoyed doing,” said Joe Field, owner of Flying Colors Comics in Concord CA, president of ComicsPRO and founder of Free Comic Book Day. “I came up with some cool Spidey-related prizes and look forward to seeing all the Project: Rooftop entries!”

The deadline for entries of Aug. 8. You can find all the details over on the Project: Rooftop site.

Project: Rooftop casts a wider net for Aquaman redesign contest

Aquaman by Giorgio Viola

Project:Rooftop just wrapped up one of their character redesign contests, this time for Aquaman. This contest was a bit different than past ones, as they reached out to several other sites that host redesign competitions, including Whitechapel, Superhero Cocoa and Superhero of the Month. Above is my favorite of the runners up, by artist Giorgio Viola.

You can see all the winners and runners up over at Project: Rooftop.

Fellow creators and fans remember Dwayne McDuffie

I’m still in shock over the sudden, tragic death of comics writer, Milestone Media co-founder and animation producer Dwayne McDuffie, as I’m sure many of his fans, friends and fellow creators are. I’ve rounded up some thoughts and memories from some of those folks, as well as a few items of note about memorials and some of his work.

  • If you’re attending the Emerald City Comicon March 4-6, they’ve announced a memorial panel remembering McDuffie that will take place Saturday at 7 p.m. in Room 4C1-2. Per writer Mark Waid, C2E2 is also planning to hold one.
  • Both Heidi MacDonald and Rich Johnston posted pages featuring the parakeet metaphor that McDuffie first introduced in Hardware #1 — a scene that, for me personally, sparked one of those lengthy late-night discussions about society, racism, politics and a whole lot of other things with my older brother. As Heidi points out, McDuffie revisited it in both X-O Manowar and at the end of the Milestone Forever two-parter, basically bookending the life of the Milestone Universe.
  • The Weekly Crisis, meanwhile, looks at a poignant page from McDuffie’s more recent Fantastic Four run.
  • The good folks at the Project: Rooftop site have declared “McDuffie Week” at their site, and have put out the call for redesigns of Static. Dean Trippe writes: “Dwayne’s work in the field of comics and animation was near-universally respected. His knowledge and understanding of the DCU heroes in particular, always meant a lot to me. He worked for Marvel, DC, founded Milestone along with Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle, achieved more respect and admiration as a screenwriter for Justice League Unlimited and other DC animated projects, faithfully bringing the light of our heroes to the non-comics-reading public. Dwayne has left us far too soon, with too many wonderful stories left untold.”

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Ross Campbell’s unfinished X-Kids

Cannonball by Ross Campbell

Wet Moon and Shadoweyes creator Ross Campbell shares some preliminary sketches he did of various X-characters for Project Rooftop. “i was going to do a bunch of redesigns for Project: Rooftop of some of the younger X-Men characters, and i was tooling with these for a good chunk of last year but i never had time to finish them up, so i figured i might as well post these preliminary sketches since who knows if they’ll ever get done,” he said.

Despite not being complete, there are still some cool ideas here; I particularly like what he did with Marrow, Jubilee and Angel Salvadore. Go check them out.

Project: Rooftop’s JLA Invitational wraps up with the Atom

JLA Invitational

JLA Invitational

Earlier this year the fine folks at Project: Rooftop asked a host of artists to redesign the Justice League — everyone from Ross Campbell to Ming Doyle to Paul Maybury (and many more) contributed new designs for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest. Today they revealed the last piece of art — the Atom by Jon Morris — along with the final piece of the entire group, standing revealed in their new duds. Click on over to see close-ups of each design.

Project: Rooftop Invitational redesigns the Justice League


Project: Rooftop is hosting their first “invitational,” where they’ve asked various artists to redesign the members of the Justice League for a “jam” piece they’ll unveil over the coming weeks.

“I obviously love superheroes and superhero teams in general, but there’s something special about the JLA,” wrote the site’s co-founder, Dean Trippe. “The League roster is typically anchored by Superman and Batman, the first two superheroes, known as the World’s Finest for a reason, and Wonder Woman, the most iconic and recognizable superheroine of all time. Collectively now referred to as DC’s Trinity, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman merge the science fiction, crime-fighting, and mythological elements common to superhero origins into the foundation of a very strange universe, made accessible to all three through their mutual friendship.”

The first member to get the redesign treatment is Wonder Woman, by artist Paul Maybury:

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Straight for the art | Batwoman week at Project Rooftop



After the news broke at WonderCon last weekend that Greg Rucka was leaving DC and Batwoman, the art blog Project: Rooftop decided to host Batwoman week and spotlight various interpretations of the character. So far they’ve posted artwork by J. Estacado (above), Evan Shaner, John C. Worsley and Evan Bryce. Go check’em out.

Straight for the art | Jon McNally’s Martian Manhunter


I mentioned last week that I really dug the idea behind Project:Rooftop’s All-Ages All-Stars feature, and the latest entry just hammers that home. Artist Jon McNally shares an all-ages version of Martian Manhunter, complete with his own dog.

“Wonder Woman has her sisterhood on Themiscyra. The Flash has his fellow speedsters. Superman and Batman have their respective families. By contrast, poor J’onn J’onzz hasn’t much in the way of connections, aside from bands of bloodthirsty White Martians that appear every now and then. By gum, if Superman and Batman can have pets, then Martian Manhunter can have a dog!” McNally said.

Martian’s Best Friend? I like it.

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