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How to build your own Fables puppets, by Mark Buckingham

Fables Puppet Theatre

The Fables crew and Vertigo really knocked one out of the park last week with Fables #100, the mammoth-sized anniversary issue that included a 62-page main story (the bulk of which was an awesome battle of magic and mayhem between Mister Dark and Frau Totenkinder), several back-up stories, a board game and a do-it-yourself Fables puppet theater. If you enjoyed that last one but weren’t sure how to proceed with turning the 2-D comic page into a 3-D theatre, artist Mark Buckingham shows you how to do it over on the Vertigo blog. Get yourself some color copies of the pages (so you don’t have to tear apart the book itself) and some card stock paper, grab some glue and scissors, and go to town.

Your other video of the day: Formula VS. Perfume by Heads Up Display

Formula VS. Perfume by Heads Up Display from Carlos Molina on Vimeo.

When he’s not creating comics like Fishtown or I Rule the Night, Kevin Colden is playing drums and designing freakin’ puppets for the band Heads Up Display. How cool is that?

Above is the video for “Formula VS. Perfume,” which features puppets designed by Colden and built by the band’s lead singer, Josh Davis-Dillard. The video was directed by photographer Seth Kushner, whose work you might be familiar with from the NYC Graphic website, and Carlos Molina. Part of it was also filmed at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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