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Gibbons, MacLean unleash ‘Mars: Space Barbarian’


Last month Head Lopper Andrew MacLean shared with me that he was working on a webcomics project written by Dark Horse editor Jim Gibbons and colored by Ryan Hill. The good news is that their comic, Mars: Space Barbarian, is up now, featuring a spear-wielding barbarian fighting monster birds in the “jungle of the space slug’s belly.”

The bad news? It’s only five short pages. Five fun sword-and-sorcery by way of crazy space opera pages, but still, just five pages nonetheless, with the promise of more at some point in the future.

“Amidst the kind words, many people also asked us when there’d be more Mars,” Gibbons wrote. “The short answer: We’re working on more now. The longer answer: This is a passion project and doesn’t pay the bills (Though, one day, maybe…). We all have to do other work for that, so we’ll be working on Mars as fast as the rest of all our other work allows. But, in our randomly updating format, we’ll aim to keep a steady flow of content here in the form of sketches and process posts when we don’t have new pages to post. Thanks for your patience on this front, folks. We’ll pay you back for it in awesome comic pages currency just as soon as we can!”

Check out “Only the strong” from the beginning by going here.

Goellner, Moody and Hill power up for ‘Task Force Rad Squad’

Task Force Rad Squad

Task Force Rad Squad

Task Force Rad Squad is a comic about friendship. And alien monsters. And friends coming together to fight alien monsters inside a giant robot.

If you grew up watching Power Rangers, or are at least familiar with them, you’ll probably dig this comic. Creators Caleb Goellner, Buster Moody and Ryan Hill have taken the concept and spun it on its head, creating something that shows their love for the Power Rangers while also being unique unto itself. The trio is selling it online, both digitally and in print, and took the time to answer my questions about the series, its inspiration and their approach to selling it.

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Ian Brill and friends take on the king of vampires in Dracula World Order

“Radar” is an occasional spotlight on interesting and entertaining comics and creators that are fairly new to the business or may have escaped your notice.

Today brings the release of Dracula World Order, the self-published comic by Ian Brill, Tonci Zonjic, Rahsan Ekedal, Declan Shalvey and Gabriel Hardman. It’s broken into four chapters, each drawn by a different artist, with a cover by Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire. The story revolves around Dracula’s son Alexandru leading a rebellion against his father and the one-percent “vampire elite.”

It’s available on a limited basis from a handful of retailers, as well as online from Things From Another World if you want a physical copy, and comiXology if you want a digital one. I caught up with Brill to talk about the comic, his publishing plan and more.

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Ryan Ferrier brings ‘Rawr’-der to the court with Tiger Lawyer

Tiger Lawyer

“… we could use more books with talking tigers, am I right?”
– Joe Keatinge

If, like Joe, you think comics could use more talking tigers, then Ryan Ferrier has the comic for you. Tiger Lawyer, his self-published comic, is now available through his Big Cartel site as either a print or digital comic, and very soon, it’ll start appearing in Keatinge’s Hell Yeah comic.

Ferrier was kind enough to answer a few questions about Tiger Lawyer and his subpoena into the pages of Hell Yeah.

JK Parkin: I’m sure you’ve been asked about this a million times already, but the title, Tiger Lawyer, is the kind that elicits a chuckle and makes you wonder where the idea came from. So, where did the initial idea come from?

Ryan Ferrier: I really wish I had a cool story for this question, but alas it was one of those things that I’ve completely forgotten, though I’m fairly certain it stemmed from something I posted on Twitter last December, something silly. It was a tweet along the lines of Tiger Lawyer being my next comic, made entirely with sarcasm. I do remember gearing up to tackle a different script, and decided to actually write Tiger Lawyer–the script that would become the first short–one afternoon. I immediately posted the script online, and surprisingly, people dug it enough for me to actually make it.

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Radar | Daisy Owl, by Ben Driscoll

Daisy and Cooper, from "Daisy Owl," by Ben Driscoll

Daisy and Cooper, from "Daisy Owl," by Ben Driscoll

“Radar” is an occasional spotlight on interesting and entertaining comics and creators that have, until now, escaped our notice.

Ben Driscoll’s webcomic Daisy Owl is, at its core, about family. And bears. And bear families. Oh, and a big experimental honey laboratory that houses an enormous, talking queen bee.

Yeah, Daisy Owl is about a lot of things. A lot of hilarious things.

Driscoll, a web programmer who lives outside of Boston, debuted the comic last July in the Cracked.com forums, before he’d even registered the Daisy Owl website.

“It was the amazing response I got there that kept me going beyond the first few strips,” he said. “I guess it sort of turned into a thing around there. Anthony Clark drew fan art of Steve and sent a bunch of traffic my way. A couple months later, David Wong contacted me about running Daisy Owl on the Cracked front page. For the uninitiated, David Wong is the author of John Dies at the End, and a bit of a dragon on a mountain. It’s a strange thing to have your favorite author give you your big break, but that’s how it happened.”

Kevin Melrose: I ran a Google search to find whether you’d done any other interviews, but all I could come up with is this. It’s terrible yet hypnotizing.

Ben Driscoll: Terrible? It looks fairly awesome to me. I’ve seen several things like that online. The phrase “Daisy Owl” brings up a lot of plush toys and things people knitted, completely independent of the comic. The words Daisy and Owl must have some kind of mystical power. I don’t know.

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