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Mike Hawthorne’s Raisy Crazy strip featured in regional magazine

In Central Pennsylvania

After drawing everything from romance to spy-thriller, high school football and Conan, Mike Hawthorne might finally be getting the popularity he deserves … thanks to a little help from his son.

Hawthorne’s webcomic series Raising Crazy recently raised the eyebrows of regional magazine In Central Pennsylvania, which put the Hawthorne boys on the front cover. Raising Crazy documents Mike’s own struggles raising a capricious little child and the things he and his son learn along the way. Robot 6 profiled the strip back in March, but this mainstream publicity — and the cute photo that came with it — made it a must post item.

Raising Crazy: Cartoonist Mike Hawthorne’s webcomic on his son

For months, cartoonist Mike Hawthorne delighted — and scared — his Twitter followers with outtakes and excerpts from being the parent of a precocious young boy, and now he’s taken to the comics medium to tell the full story.

In his new webcomic Raising Crazy, Hawthorne is chronicling his son’s adventures with a new story three times a week, with plans to collect the strip into a physical book later on. All proceeds from the comic are going toward his son’s education.

Hawthorne is a busy artist these days — in addition to doing a monthly Conan series for Dark Horse with Roy Thomas and helping out on the end of Fear Agent, he also is a founder of the website artjam ComicTwart.com.

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