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Comics A.M. | Cumbria comic festival already looking to next year

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Conventions | Declaring this weekend’s inaugural Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal, Cumbria, England, a success, organizers have already announced the dates for next year’s event: Oct. 17-19. “Our first year has been everything we could have wished for,” said festival director Julie Tait. “There was a huge buzz right through Kendal – from The Brewery Arts Centre right to The Box on Wildman Street, as well as at the shopping centre and the library. The town has really got involved and there has been art work on every street. It feels like the weekend has involved everyone – from adults following their passion for Viz humour to kids learning how Peppa Pig was created.” This year’s festival featured guests ranging from Charlie Adlard and Ed Brubaker to David Lloyd and Trina Robbins. [Cumbria Live]

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Rashad Doucet’s fan comic helps Superman say so long to Smallville

DC Comics isn[‘ the only one rebooting Superman. Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Rashad Doucet has created a fun Superman story inspired by Silver Age Superman covers, Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman and Smallville, as well as Siegel and Shuster’s original, rougher version of the character. He says he has more planned, including stories with Superman’s mermaid girlfriend Lori Lemaris and (if I’m reading him right) eventually Lois Lane. Doucet also contributes to the Periodic Heroes sketch blog.

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