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Grumpy Old Fan | Who wants a piece of Mr. Action?

From "Jimmy Olsen's Big Week"

Jimmy Olsen spent much of the Silver Age bouncing from one misadventure to another: traveling through time, uncontrollably growing facial hair, transforming into strange creatures, blah blah blah. In fairness to Jimmy, many times these consequences were somewhat undeserved (although he was kinda asking for trouble drinking that beard tonic).

Therefore, it’s not surprising that once again, our Mr. Olsen is a victim of circumstance.  Follow the bouncing ball….

The good: Last year, starting in Action Comics #493, Jimmy got a great new co-feature by the very talented team of writer Nick Spencer, penciller R.B. Silva, and inker DYM.*

The bad: The feature was yanked after four installments when DC decided to discontinue all the co-features.

The good: Spencer, Silva, and DYM got to finish “Jimmy Olsen’s Big Week” in the pages of the probably-still-on-sale Jimmy Olsen Special, which runs 58 pages (including parts 1-4) and is well worth your $5.99. Really, this story couldn’t be more fun if it were called Superman’s Pal Scott Pilgrim.

So where’s the “victim” part come in?

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