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Archie and the gang to star in ‘story-driven game’ for iPhone, Android

Archie Comics and Canadian casual game developer Gogii Games have announced they’re working on a multi-platform, free-to-play video game featuring the Riverdale gang.

Launching on iPad, iPhone, Android and Flash — presumably, the latter means Facebook and Google+ — the story-driven game will feature “all the classic and iconic elements of Archie’s world, from Riverdale High to his two love interests, Betty and Veronica — not to mention friends and foes like Reggie, Jughead and more.”

“We’re excited and honored to be partnering with Gogii Games,” Archie Co-CEO Jon Goldwater said in a statement. “They came up with a way to really bring the comics to life and to engage an entirely new and fervent fan base. We can’t wait for this game to go live across all platforms and countries.”

Although the announcement notes that development is already under way, no release date has been made public.

Based in New Brunswick, Canada, Gogii boasts a catalog of more than 30 games, including Princess Isabella, White Haven Mysteries and Escape the Museum.

Quote of the day | Presumably, Romney isn’t polling well in Riverdale

Reggie and Me #26

“Mitt Romney is starting to get on my nerves. He reminds me of Reggie, the rich, handsome, athletic and effortlessly superficial character in the Archie comics. He does almost everything well, and he looks like a million bucks (leveraged for much more), but he rings hollow, like the class president who would bring glee to all of Riverdale High by slipping on a banana peel. I’d kill for that. […] Jon Huntsman is on to something when he says Americans seek forthrightness in their politicians — leaders who take their convictions from their gut, not focus groups. Romney does not come across as that guy. Instead, he has the coldness of Reggie from the Archie comics — the guy who had everything except, notably, his name on the cover.”

– Washington Post opinion writer Richard Cohen, comparing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to a certain Reginald Mantle, but somehow overlooking that the latter starred in no fewer than five series, including the long-running Reggie and Me

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