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The Fifth Color | Comics resolutions for 2012

Calvin and Hobbes - Resolutions

and that's when they asked Bendis to step back from the Avengers....

Did you know that there is a U.S. government website to help you complete common New Year’s resolutions? Seriously, take a look; it’s the “U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal” and there’s a lot of benign but helpful info about getting a passport or a story about a wedding dress made out of a parachute, but yeah, in the middle of that is a helpful list of the most common New Year’s resolutions with links to a website or brochure that could offer helpful information and suggestions.

Last year, when I carved my own New Year’s resolutions into internet stone, I was incredibly thankful for the comments left with the list. Helpful and commiserating readers shared ideas on how to succeed, suggestions on what to read and joined in fist-shaking at the lure of Apple products. So while I may not know how much your savings bond has gained interest, I can help out with some simple comic book reading resolutions and hopefully can inspire others to make their own. I also have a kick ass cosplay pic in lieu of a touching WWII wedding tale. So there’s that.

Want to know which resolution I miserably failed at last year? Keep reading, true believers!
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The Fifth Color | Comics resolutions for 2011

That's a sexy little hip flick Scott's got going on there...

Pardon me, but I seem to have arrived a little tardy to the New Year. The Mister and I, as some of you might know, are going through some medical procedures and health issues at the moment but Dr. Erskine promises us that the Super Soldier program is exceeding his expectations.

Now, if only we could walk him to his car…

2011 is a brand new year and new years come with resolutions. And why not? Past mistakes are behind us, the previous year can be listed and filed and tucked away for True Believers to face front and look over the horizon at all the things that Could Be. This highly charged moment of calender change and future reflect should turn inwards from time to time and help us evolve along with the fast-paced 21st century. Goals set can be goals achieved, and who knows what wonders you can discover if you challenge yourself!

Thanks to the rocky start of 2011, I will be starting my New Year’s Resolutions as of Jan. 15. It’s kind of terrifying saying this in public, but it’s important because putting all these down with chisel on this here Robot 6 web-stone makes them all the more permanent. Also, a lot of my resolutions this year are about comics. However, these are something I’d hope all comic readers could keep in mind as the year progresses, hopefully making us better consumers so that the product we so delightfully consume improves as well.

Wanna see ‘em? Well, listed below are five of my personal New Years’ resolutions as pertains to Marvel comics (and comics in general).

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