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Talking Comics with Tim | Point of Impact’s Jay Faerber

Point of Impact 1

One murder mystery revealed from three perspectives — in stark black and white. That’s the heart of Point of Impact, writer Jay Faerber‘s new Image four-issue collaboration with artist Koray Kuranel, which debuts Oct. 10. In anticipation of the launch, I cajoled Faerber into discussing this project as well as his appreciation of investigative reporters, a preference for giving his stories a strong sense of place, and how writing for television has affected his comics writing … among many other topics.

Tim O’Shea: In the opening pages of Point of Impact, readers lose a character fairly fast (Nicole Rafferty)–and yet in her absence the mystery of her death makes her a focal point of the book. How challenging is it to construct a story with a character who has a presence due to her forced and permanent absence.

Jay Faerber: It is a challenge, for sure. But I think a character’s absence can be a very effective way of defining that character. A big part of the inspiration of why I chose to tackle this particular story is because I wanted to explore how one person is viewed by the different people in his or her life. We all play different roles for each other, and I thought that would be an interesting way to approach a murder mystery.

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