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Robert Rodriguez curates Frazetta gallery show during SXSW

frazetta-death-dealerFilmmaker Robert Rodriguez has curated a special collection of art by the late Frank Frazetta that will be on display beginning Saturday in Austin, Texas, during South by Southwest.

A $20 entrance fee to the gallery, located at 920 Congress Ave., will go toward the Frazetta Estate’s preservation of the art for the planned new Frazetta museum. The original museum in Pennsylvania closed shortly after the artist’s death in May 2010.
The collection features 12 pieces: “Death Dealer 1,” “From Dusk Til Dawn,” “Dark Kingdom,” “Egyptian Queen,” “Fire and Ice,” “Death Dealer 2,” “Swamp Demon,” “At Earth’s Core,” “Conan Man Ape,” “A Requiem For Sharks,” “Neanderthal” and a Frazetta self-portrait.

The exhibit will also feature work by other artists Rodriguez has worked with and studied under over the years.

“This has to be the most kick ass museum in the world,” the co-director of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For said in a statement. “For one, it’s the only place you can see original Frank Frazetta art, 12 masterpiece paintings total, alongside original art by Frank Miller, Drew Struzan, Sebastian Kruger and Clete Shields.  Throw in character paintings by the cast of Sin City 2 and From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, and you will never see anything like this event anywhere, in any museum. I’m very excited to be showcasing this mind-blowing art by my favorite artists and collaborators in Austin.”

The museum will be open from noon to 8 p.m. through March 16.’

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Robert Rodriguez’s Machete comes to comics in September

Machete #1

Machete #1

IDW’s September books will include one that should look familiar to fans of director Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror film that was part of Grindhouse double feature– Machete #0, based on one of the faux trailers that appeared before the movie and is being turned into a feature film itself.

Co-written by Rodriguez and Aaron Kaufman, the “the ultimate ‘Mexploitation’ tale of revenge” explains the origin of Machete, who was played by Danny Trejo. The book is drawn by Stuart Sayger and leads into an ongoing series that starts in December.

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