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Steve Ditko & Robin Snyder return to Kickstarter for new comic


Steve Ditko and longtime editor and collaborator Robin Snyder are celebrating 26 years of publishing with the planned release of #9 Teen, a new comic from the legendary creator. They just need a little more help on Kickstarter.

While details about the 32-page comic are sparse, Snyder reveals it includes another installment of Ditko’s Madman serial, “plus a unique variety of some of the most original characters in the comics and more.” This marks the duo’s third Kickstarter project, but the first to feature new material.

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Final days for Kickstarter campaign to reprint Steve Ditko book


One of the big stories that has followed Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko over the course of his career is how reticent he to do interviews or appear at conventions. As one fan puts it, Ditko prefers to talk through his comics.

And now Robin Snyder, longtime publisher of Ditko’s work, is using Kickstarter to fund a updated second edition of the reclusive artist’s long out-of-print graphic novel The Ditko Public Service Package. Originally published back in 1991, The Ditko Public Service Package is a 110-page book working as an argument against the business practices of comic publishers. Characters include anonymous publishers, creators, journalists, fans and corporate types whom Ditko uses to tell his story. It’s not dry. however, as Ditko uses gag cartooning and some surprisingly funny methods to tell his story in an engaging and persistent way.

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