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Love and romance, comic book style


Love and romance are in the air, and this week we feature a collection that was built on both. Jasmin turned her boyfriend, Aron, onto comics two years ago, and today he submitted his collection of romance-themed comics, just in time for a certain heart-filled holiday coming up next week.

Although the two are currently in a long-distance relationship, one way they’re keeping in touch is through comics. Check it out below, and Happy early Valentine’s Day to Aron and Jasmin.

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Now Read This | Becky Cloonan breaks your heart with ‘1989’


Earlier this week I posted about Becky Cloonan’s upcoming minicomic The Mire being available for pre-order, but those looking for more immediate gratification can find a complete short story from the Conan and Demo artist on the Heartbreak: Just Friends site.

Jonathan Rivera and Nick DeStefano are putting together an anthology of “the world’s greatest anti-romance comics,” and one of the stories in it is by Cloonan. And for Valentine’s Day, they posted her entire story, “1989,” an autobiographical tale set in the fourth grade.

Joining Rivera, DeStafano and Cloonan in the pages of Heartbreak: Just Friends are Vasilis Lolos, Star St. Germain, Liz Baillie, James Euringer and newcomer Lacey Whelan, so this sounds like something that’ll be worth your money once it is published in March. You can find more details on the book here.

Comics A.M. | Appeal in Superman legal fight; Brett Ewins arraigned


Legal | The attorney for Marc Toberoff, the lawyer representing the Siegel and Shuster families in the bitter battle over the rights to Superman, argued last week before a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that Warner Bros. shouldn’t be granted access to sensitive documents stolen from Toberoff’s office and delivered anonymously to the studio in 2008. A federal magistrate judge ruled in May 2011 that Toberoff waived privilege to the documents when he turned over the files in response to a grand jury subpoena issued in the investigation of the theft. An attached cover letter, dubbed the “Superman-Marc Toberoff Timeline,” was determined in 2009 not to be covered by privilege, and become the basis for the studio’s lawsuit against the attorney, in which it claims he acted improperly to convince the heirs of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to seek to reclaim the original copyright to the Man of Steel. Warner Bros. also alleges that Toberoff schemed to secure for himself “a majority and controlling financial stake” in the Superman rights. [Courthouse News Service]

Legal | Former Judge Dredd artist Brett Ewins was arraigned Thursday on charges of grievous bodily harm with intent following an incident last month in which he allegedly attacked police officers with a knife when they responded to a public-disturbance call. The 56-year-old Ewins, who reportedly has a history of mental-health issues, was remanded into custody pending a Feb. 17 preliminary hearing. [Ealing Gazette]

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I’m getting married at the Marvel booth…

Okay, not quite, but who am I to pass up the opportunity to quote My Fair Lady? At any rate, check out this video of a fan popping the question to his fair lady at the Marvel booth at the New York Comic Con this past weekend. Here’s hoping things go better for them than for Peter and Mary Jane!

(via Agent M)

Unbound: Gina Biggs on romance and independence

The interesting thing about Gina Biggs is not that she is the creator of a shoujo manga webcomic. Lots of people do that.

ch01-p00What’s interesting is that she has kept her comic, Red String, going continuously for six years, growing the audience as she goes; that Dark Horse, a publisher better known for manly manga than for quiet romances, published the first three volumes; and that she is a key member of Strawberry Comics, a collective of like-minded female creators who promote romance comics online.

While almost all the early global manga creators signed contracts with Tokyopop, Biggs chose to put her comic online and build an audience that way. After three volumes she is now self-publishing Red String and she says she makes about the same amount of money and works about as hard as when she was with Dark Horse. And best of all, she looks like she is having fun.

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I have a new favorite blog

Oh snap!

Oh snap!

It’s called Sequential Crush and it’s devoted to romance comics, specifically romance comics published during the 1960s and 70s. This is no ironic, “oh weren’t those old comics corny” smarm-blog, but a loving and occasionally fascinating look at the genre. For example:

Last night while working on my presentation for San Diego (which involves a lot of scanning), I came across this spectacular example of “love story graffiti” which I just have to share. In this particular case the pages of the book itself were not altered, but there was an addition made to the book! In between the pages of My Love #3 (January 1969) were these scathing words…

Click on the link to see what the mystery note contained. I’m certainly not going to spoil anything.

Straight for the art | ‘Mod Love’

'The Hippest Girl in the World'

'The Hippest Girl in the World'

World of Kane presents “The Hippest Girl in the World” from the 1967 comic “Mod Love.” There’s no info about the artist, but it’s drawn in a style I can only weakly describe as “pop psychadelic.” Can you taste the colors man?

Robot Love | It’s like fan fiction, only … OK, it’s fan fiction

Don't they make a cute couple?

Don't they make a cute couple?

In case all of the candy hearts and flower shop window displays didn’t clue you in, it’s Valentine’s Day today, or as I like to call the holiday, “Oh Christ, not that again.”

In our past life we looked at our favorite comics couples, but this we thought we’d have a bit of fun and play matchmaker by picking characters we’d most like to see shack up, regardless of genre or sexual orientation.

Below is our results. See if you can come up with some of your own unique romantic pairings in the comments section.

Aquaman and the Sub-Mariner – They have so much in common.

Little Lulu and Charlie Brown – After spending so much of her youth surrounded by hooligans like Tubby and Alvin, I’m sure Lulu would greatly appreciate a sensitive soul like Charlie Brown.

Jimmy Corrigan and the She-Hulk — Call it a hunch, but I get the feeling Jimmy’s got a thing for aggressive women.

Astro Boy and Jocasta – Robot love baby! Robot love!

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