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U.K.’s top comics podcast Sunnyside Comics relaunches at new site

Northern Ireland’s little podcast that could, Sunnyside Comics, has relaunched at a new location, The show’s mix of opinion and hilarious, scurrilous in-fighting has left it with the reputation of being the comics equivalent of The Ricky Gervais Show. The show has a similar tripartite chemistry (with PJ Holden in the outspoken Gervais role, Ron Abernethy as the droll Stephen Merchant lynchpin and Scott Ferguson as their Karl Pilkington), and a similarly irregular broadcast pattern.

Holden is a Belfast-based comic artist who’s been working for 2000AD for more than a decade. In the U.S. he’s drawn Happy Valley (part of Garth Ennis’ series Battlefields for Dynamite), Robocop/Terminator (with Rob Williams) also for Dynamite, and Fearless (written by Mark Sable and Dave Roth) for Image Comics. His work is appearing in Judge Dredd for 2000AD. Ron Abernethy is a face and voice familiar to anyone acquainted with Belfast’s music scene, and has worked for Northern Ireland’s leading commercial media company. He’s responsible for producing the podcast. Scott Ferguson is involved in the technical end of media production, and works on one of the biggest TV series in the world, Game of Thrones. Below, we speak to Paul, Ron and Scott about the relaunch and the trio’s unique relationship.

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