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Niles, Morse team for Crime and Terror ongoing

Crime and Terror

Scott Morse (Strange Science Fantasy, Soulwind) and Steve Niles (30 Days of Night,Criminal Macabre) are teaming up on a new monthly series called Crime and Terror. Both writers announced the project on their respective blogs.

“It’s filled with episodes detailing the events in the life of a detective named Mike Fallon who’s going through some serious personal problems,” Morse said on his blog. “On top of THAT, we’ll be smacking you upside the head with a bunch of short, stand-alone stories: noir, horror, sci-fi, whatever we want. All drawn by me, some written by me, some by Steve. On top of THAT, we’ll be throwing in new prose stories with spot-illos by me. Seriously, monthly is the plan, and every month, you’ll cry with glee as you scream your face off.”

“I’m thrilled about this project,” Niles told me over email. “It’s sort of the ultimate DIY book, Scott and I are emailing each other back and forth with stories and ideas and we’re going straight to the comic page! Scott is incredible and fast and the excitement of see thing thing grow daily is amazing. I did a small Frankenstein book with Scott years ago but that was more of a case of my writing and him doing the art. This is immediate, and spontaneous and I’m loving the results.”

The Frankenstein story appeared in the IDW-published Big Book of Horror, which also included Niles’ collaborations with artists Ted McKeever and Richard Sala.

“Scott and I have known each other for years. I think we actually met at House of Secret, a comic store in Burbank where we all hang. Scott and I both have a huge love of pulp and the pre-hero monster books. Scott actually reads Tales to Astonish and books like that to his boys. I love that,” Niles said. “So we’re doing this. We have no idea where it will wind up, but we’re doing it.”

Morse, whose day job at Pixar keeps him pretty busy, also noted he’s working on another five-issue series for later this year called Ten Against the World, which he described as “hot rods and monsters, Rebel Without A Cause a’la pre-hero Kirby. Kinetic, insane, pure comic.”

Themed sketchbooks: Jamie S. Rich’s Audrey Hepburns

Yesterday we took a tour of Marvel’s Timely era, courtesy of writer B. Clay Moore, and now we turn to one of the icons of the silver screen: Audrey Hepburn.

by Joëlle Jones

Portland-based writer and editor Jamie S. Rich has one of the most popular and unique sketchbooks I’ve ran across, documenting the various looks and personae of actress Audrey Hepburn. Here’s what he had to say about it:

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Buy tons of Top Shelf books for $3

You can buy this book for three bucks

You can buy this book for three bucks

Goodness gracious, look at all the terrific titles that are on sale for $3 over at Top Shelf Productions’ website. That’s some 70 in all, including books by Alan Moore, Jeffrey Brown, James Kochalka, Scott Morse, Liz Prince, and Renee French. Another 30-plus comics and graphic novels are also on sale for suitably impressive amounts — the complete Lost Girls from Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie and the complete Alec: The Years Have Pants by Eddie Campbell may be purchased for just $25 and $20 respectively, for pete’s sake. Top Shelf’s $3 Sale lasts through Friday, September 24th, so get ‘em while the gettin’s good!

Cartoonists for Criterion

Night of the Hunter, by Matt Kindt

Top-of-the-line DVD house the Criterion Collection is no stranger to comics. In addition to employing the likes of Adrian Tomine and Jaime Hernandez to draw covers for classic films from around the globe, they’ve also recently received rave reviews for their deluxe rerelease of Terry Zwigoff’s stranger-than-fiction documentary Crumb.

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The Middle Ground #2: In Which I Hate On Previews

middle2Sometimes, it feels like there are too many comics out there.

I know, I know; that’s not exactly the most popular opinion to hold, never mind share on a website devoted to comics and the worship thereof, but we all know it’s true. I’m far from the only one who sees solicitations for months ahead, or lists of that week’s new releases, and has at least one “Seriously? There’s really enough of a market for that?” moment. It’s easiest to do when looking at, say, Marvel’s upcoming releases and counting what’re essentially seven monthly Avengers books (Adjectiveless, New, Secret, Academy, alternating bi-monthlies Children’s Crusade and Prime and, of course, New Ultimates and Ultimate Avengers, for those who were wondering about my math), but all it takes is one step inside the non-premier publishers section of Diamond’s Previews to realize that there’s a lot of noise hiding the signal in the world of indie publishers, as well. Continue Reading »

Thin wallets, fat bookshelves | A roundup of publishing news



  • AdHouse will distribute 3X4, by Scott Morse, Lou Romano, Don Shank and Nate Wragg, the guys behind Sex and Science and The Ancient Book of Myth and War. AdHouse describes the book as “a unique collection of paintings built around the simple aesthetic of the numbers 3 and 4. Be it shape, line, texture, or color, this collection dares to boldly add a new perspective to modern art.”
  • Per Ross Campbell, the sixth edition of his popular Wet Moon series of graphic novels from Oni Press is now slated to come out next year. “I’ll be finished with the book on the same schedule, but Oni has restructured their workflow a bit so their turnaround/build time is longer now, making WM6 most likely a February 2011 release,” he wrote.
  • Heidi at the Beat points out that this preview of the London Book Fair by Publishers Weekly reveals that Ben McCool and Billy Tucci are working on a graphic novel adaptation of the film Alexander Nevsky by Russian director Sergei Eisenstein.
  • Jim Rugg will debut a new Rambo minicomic at this weekend’s SPACE event.
  • Meathaus has scans of a Charles Burns minicomic called Free Shit “with preview art from an upcoming project of his.”
  • Rami Efal has self-published Never Forget, Never Forgive, which was originally serialized on the webcomics collective site ACT-I-VATE. “It is a tragedy taking place in 16th century Japan and is a cross between Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood, Sophocles’ Antigone, and Lone Wolf and Cub,” according to the author.

Morse’s Strange Science Fantasy coming from IDW

Strange Science Fantasy

Strange Science Fantasy

Last year Scott Morse shared a series of fun stories called “Strange Science Fantasy” on his blog. They were only up for a short time, and he went on to print them up to sell in San Diego. And now he reports on his blog that IDW Publishing will publish a six-issue Strange Science Fantasy series beginning in July.

“You heard it right, folks: STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY will hit the stands properly with the help of the amazing IDW, this July through December! Six issues of retro-crazy pure comics storytelling, featuring the stories you’ve come to love here on the blog, CONTINUED! I promise, this will be unlike ANYTHING on the stands this year, and you have IDW to thank!” he wrote. “Oh, and PAUL POPE will be delivering one-page back-up features. PAUL POPE, people!”

The first issue will have an incentive alternate cover, pictured to the right.

Straight for the art | Scott Morse shares his APE commissions



Artist Scott Morse shares on his blog several commissions he did at APE last weekend, including this one of Hellboy.

APE ’09 | Exhibit A, NBM, SLG and more


The Alternative Press Expo, or APE, is coming up this weekend at The Concourse in San Francisco. The show runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Special guests include Jamaica Dyer, Phoebe Gloeckner, Dean Haspiel, Batton Lash, Lark Pien, Dash Shaw and Jeff Smith. I’ll be there covering the show, while Matt Maxwell will have a table to sell copies of Strangeways.

And over the next couple days, I’ll be posting what various companies and creators have planned for the show. If you’d like to be included, drop me the details on where you’ll be, what you’ll be selling and all that good stuff.

Exhibit A Press | Jackie Estrada dropped us a note about what Exhibit A Press (table 312) will have at the show, where special guest Batton Lash will be celebrating 30 years of Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre.

“He’ll be signing the limited-edition Supernatural Law Tales from the Vault Anniversary Special as well as comics and trades,” she writes. “We’ll also have Batton’s ‘monster cameos,’ one-of-a-kind hand-painted miniatures of everyone’s favorite monsters. Plus: new Graphitti Designs Supernatural Law T-shirt!”

More info at

SLG Publishing | Jennifer de Guzman sent over an update on SLG’s plans for the show. “Jamaica Dyer will be a special guest, so we will have plenty of copies of her new book Weird Fishes,” she writes. “Jamaica will also be on the panel Personal Stories on Saturday at 5 p.m. with Dean Haspiel, Phoebe Glockner, and Dash Shaw. I’ll be moderating her spotlight panel on Sunday at 12 p.m.”

Things Undone

Things Undone

NBM | Ted Rall and Shane White will be at APE; Rall will have a few copies of The Year of Loving Dangerously, while White will sign copies of the recent release Things Undone (which is sitting on my dresser in my “to read” pile; I should read it before this weekend).

Top Shelf | Brett Warnock posts on his blog that Nate Powell, Grant Reynolds and Jeremy Tinder will be at their booth, along with himself and Leigh Walton. And as always, he’ll be at the Isotope party Saturday night.

Creators | Scott Morse will be on hand doing commissions and selling the last few remaining copies he has of The Ancient Book of Sex and Science.

Manga | Deb Aoki rounds up what various manga publishers are doing at the show.

Morse brings the Shogunaut to life on the web

The Shogunaut

The Shogunaut

Much like he did with “Dawn of the Gearheads,” Scott Morse is posting comics on his blog again. This time it’s the story of the Shogunaut, and it’s pretty awesome. Go check it out.

2009 is lookin’ fine

Ten Against the World by Scott Morse

Ten Against the World by Scott Morse

As Chris goes through the 2009 catalogs of various publishers like Fantagraphics and Drawn & Quarterly, I thought I’d share a few update on future projects that creators have mentioned on their blogs. First, over on his blog Red Window, Scott Morse says he’s working on a follow-up to The Ancient Book of Myth and War called The Ancient Book of Sex and Science. He’s also got another Magic Pickle book coming out in 2009, as well as what sounds like a gigantic bunch of awesomeness, a ’50s monster book called Ten Against the World:

*TEN AGAINST THE WORLD is in the works, I’m pleased to officially announce. It’s a 160 (or so) page Kirby/Toth-inspired monster comic set in the 1950’s, lots of comic book fun I’m certain Wertham would love. There’s a teaser above. It’s being produced entirely in Photoshop on my Cintique, no pencils, just straight digital black, white, and blue, as an experiment in economics and speed. I’m about 40 pages in at this point. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one, as it may actually hit initially in online installments.

Next, Alex Robinson’s Too Cool To Be Forgotten has been popping up on year-end best of lists here and there (Tim O’Shea had it on his), and over on his LiveJournal he talks about the project he’s just starting starring Santa Claus:

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