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DC Entertainment unveils Comic-Con-exclusive covers

sdcc-batman66I’m not generally a fan of photo covers, but who can resist DC’s Comic-Con International-exclusive cover for Batman ’66 #1, which uses action figures from the new Mattel line — let’s hear it for cross-promotion! — to recreate one of the great recurring gags of the classic TV series: the “window cameos.” Alas, the collection doesn’t include 6-inch versions Sammy Davis Jr., Suzy Knickerbocker or Werner Klemperer to make the homage complete.

It’s just one of four convention-exclusive covers announced this morning on the DC Comics website:

  • Justice League #22, combining Ivan Reiss’ “Trinity War” covers for Justice League #22, Justice League of America #6 and Justice League Dark #22 as “a wraparound gatefold that transitions from pencils to a striking color image featuring the major players.”
  • Batman #21, combining the minimalistic graphic design of the standard issue with an image of the Dark Knight in the background, drawn by Greg Capullo.
  • Superman Unchained #1, with Clark Kent becoming the Man of Steel in a black-and-white illustration by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

Each of the Comic-Con exclusives is priced at $10. Comic-Con International will be held July 18-21 in San Diego. Continue Reading »

First look at the cover of Justice League #3

Justice League #3

DC Comics has unveiled the cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams for Justice League #3, which puts Wonder Woman front and center as Lee and writer Geoff Johns “unleash the amazing Amazon […] who joins the battle against a bizarre threat! And the not-yet World’s Greatest Heroes need all the help they can get!”

The 40-page comic, which goes on sale Nov. 16, features variant covers by Greg Capullo and Lee.

Comic-Con reveals Jim Lee’s Justice League cover for souvenir book

Art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair

Comic-Con International has unveiled the cover art for this year’s souvenir book, featuring the core of DC Comics’ new Justice League lineup by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair. The 192-page book will be available for free to attendees of the July 21-24 event in San Diego.

The image will also grace the Official CCI 2011 T-shirt, which will be available at the Comic-Con Boutique (Booth #2515) for prices ranging from $18.95 to $24.95, depending on size. More details about the souvenir book, T-shirt and other convention exclusives are available on the Comic-Con website.

The mystery of the missing Green Lantern ring — solved!

Justice League #1 cover pencils by Jim Lee

If you were among those who looked at the cover of Justice League #1, the first issue in DC Comics’ line-wide reboot, and wondered whether Green Lantern’s trademark ring had been dropped as part of the character’s redesign, fear not: The mystery has been solved, by none other than artist (and co-publisher) Jim Lee.

Responding to questions about the missing jewelry, Lee wrote last night on Twitter, “Green Lantern has no ring on the Justice League image? Sounds like the work of Sinestro!” before assuring fans that, “Before it spins too far out of hand, (ha no pun intended) the ring will reappear by the time the comic debuts or b4 Sinestro is done w/it.”

But then he tracked down the true culprit: longtime inker Scott Williams. “HAHA case of the missing ring solved-was gonna say it was due to senility but I dug up the pencil scan-BEHOLD,” Lee wrote, linking to an image of the penciled cover (at right), which depicts Green Lantern with his ring. “So it’s true: a penciler is only as good as his inker … wow; must cut his rate, stat!”

Justice League #1, by Lee and writer Geoff Johns, will be released on Aug. 31, with a ring-wearing Green Lantern.

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