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Cameron Stewart on ‘Sin Titulo,’ working solo & what lies ahead

sin titulo5

Cameron Stewart is best known for his work with Ed Brubaker on Catwoman and with frequent collaborator Grant Morrison on Batman and Robin, Seaguy and Seven Soldiers. But over the past six years, he’s also struck out on his own, writing and drawing the neo-noir mystery thriller Sin Titulo, a webcomic that’s earned the cartoonist an Eisner and a Shuster award.

Dark Horse published a print collection of the series in September, introducing Sin Titulo to a new audience. In support of that release, Stewart embarked last month on a 13-city tour that’s taking him across Canada and the United States before ending up in England. Ahead of tonight’s stop at Challenger Comics + Conversation in Chicago, guest contributor Dave Scheidt spoke with Stewart about the origins of the largely improvised Sin Titulo, the series’ place within the worlds of print and webcomics, his eventual return to Seaguy, and his plans for a fantasy epic called Niro.

Note: A shorter version of this interview originally appeared on The Huffington Post.

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Comics A.M. | Salt Lake Comic Con expects 40,000 in first year

Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake Comic Con

Conventions | Next week, Salt Lake City will get its first comics convention, Salt Lake Comic Con, which has already sold a reported 23,000 tickets (the event’s website says 20,000). But founder Dan Farr expects attendance to far exceed 40,000, surpassing the 33,000 recorded for New York Comic Con’s inaugural year.[Deseret News, The Salt Lake Tribune]

Conventions | Oni Hartstein, the co-founder of Intervention, talks about why she established the Washington, DC-area convention and why its DIY aspect sets it apart. [Comic Riffs]

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Final ‘Seaguy’ miniseries ‘still a long way off,’ Stewart cautions

seaguyAlthough a new profile of Grant Morrison closes with the promise of the third and final volume of Seaguy in 2014, his collaborator Cameron Stewart cautions excited fans that “It’s still a long way off.”

Published ahead of Morrison’s appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Guardian article focuses primarily on the newly retitled Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince, and touches upon some recent personal losses, his dispute with Rebellion over the Zenith rights and — seemingly out of nowhere — his, let’s say, complicated history with Mark Millar before ending on the long-awaited conclusion of Seaguy.

“It’s honestly the best I’ve ever written,” he says of the saga that began in 2004. “It never sold well, but it’s my thing. I want Seaguy to remain as my statement about life and death and the universe.”

But while The Guardian asserts the final miniseries, presumably still titled Seaguy Eternal, is “due out next year,” Stewart suggests that timeline is a bit optimistic.

“INB4 everyone assuming Seaguy 3 is done or even a work in progress, when I have still not even received a script,” he wrote this morning on Twitter. “Which isn’t to say I’ve been sitting around waiting for a script that isn’t coming — I’ve been busy, so has Grant. It’s still a long way off.”

Also of note from the Morrison interview:

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What Are You Reading? with Aubrey Sitterson and Charles Soule

The Massive #1

Happy Father’s Day and welcome to What Are You Reading?, where each week we talk about what comics and other stuff have been on our reading piles. Today’s guests are two of the contributors to Skullkickers #18, which features several “Tavern Tales” short stories by different creative teams. Joining us today are Charles Soule of 27, Strange Attractors and Strongman fame, and Aubrey Sitterson, winner of the Skullkickers Tavern Tales Contest. He’s also the writer of Gear Monkey for Double Feature Comics and community manager for WWE Games.

To see what Charles, Aubrey and the Robot 6 crew have been reading, click below.

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A glance at Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #1

From "Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye" #1

From "Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye" #1

MySpace Comic Books has a five-page preview of Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye, the long-awaited sequel to the 2004 Vertigo miniseries by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart.

There’s also a brief Q&A with Morrison, who teases the final Seaguy chapter, “which completes the trilogy with a voyage into the Thousand-and-One Islands of Lostralia, for a final confrontation with Ant-Dad, and the revelation of the true reality behind Seaguy’s world.”

Process: Cameron Stewart on inking Seaguy 2

Inked Seaguy page by Cameron Stewart

Inked Seaguy page by Cameron Stewart

I’m remiss in not mentioning that the latest DC solicitations revealed the fact that Seaguy: The Slaves of Mickey Eye is coming out in April. Which means we can all laugh gleefully like giddy schoolgirls or make Green Lantern reference in regards to the cover of issue #1 — your call.

While we’re all waiting for the long-awaited return of Vertigo’s No. 1 protector of the seven seas, artist Cameron Stewart talks about the pencil-less process he uses to create the book:

I get frequent requests to show the pencils for my artwork and I’m unable to do so for one simple reason – I almost never use pencil. Over time I’ve gradually moved away from doing pencilled artwork, since I always do my own inks and doing tight pencil drawings seems redundant and time-consuming. Drawing in pen or marker is actually now much more comfortable for me than drawing in pencil.

In the past I did small layouts in pen on regular bond paper, two comic pages per sheet. I found that I would waste a lot of paper though and so recently I’ve switched to doing my roughs digitally.

Read more at his blog.

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