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Tom Brevoort on Marvel’s latest ‘tie-ins for variant’ swap

4708815493_995db167e9It’s a classic case of “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” Marvel made waves earlier this year with a swap offer in which they’d send retailers a rare Deadpool variant of Siege #3 for every 50 stripped covers of DC’s “ring books” — Blackest Night tie-ins retailers had to order in bulk to qualify for promotional plastic power rings for the various Lantern corps — they received in return.

Then earlier this month, Marvel flipped the script, offering a rare Deadpool variant of the upcoming Wolverine #1 relaunch in exchange for every 50 covers they receive from Marvel event tie-ins, specifically books from the X-Men: Second Coming and Siege events.

How’s that working out? Let’s find out, courtesy of the Twitter account of Vice President-Executive Editor Tom Brevoort:

An update on our current Marvel book-swap. With one week to go till cut-off, we’ve gotten less than 15% as many books as we did ring-books. In other words, for every 3 Marvel books returned, we’d previously gotten 20 ring-books. Could be that people wanted the SIEGE variant more.

… or, as one could infer, it could be that the Siege and Second Coming tie-ins eligible for this trade genuinely sold through to readers better than the Blackest Night tie-in “ring books” did, so retailers have fewer unwanted leftovers to unload. But far be it for Tom Brevoort to tweak the competition!

Marvel offers retailers another Deadpool variant swap…for unsold Marvel event tie-ins

The Siege #3 variant that broke the Internet in half

The Siege #3 variant that broke the Internet in half

Remember when Marvel offered to send retailers a rare Deadpool variant of Siege #3 in exchange for every 50 stripped covers from various Blackest Night “power ring promotion” titles they received? Remember how the comics Internet lost its collective marbles over this? Well, Marvel’s doing it again — but this time, they’re offering retailers the chance to unload unsold event-comic tie-ins published by Marvel themselves.

According to Marvel, the publisher will send retailers a Deadpool variant version of Wolverine #1 in exchange for every 50 stripped covers it receives of a slew of tie-ins to their X-Men: Second Coming and Siege events. The eligible issues include New Mutants 12, Uncanny X-Men 523, X-Force 26, X-Men Legacy 235, Avengers: The Initiative 34, Dark Avengers 15, Dark Wolverine 84, Mighty Avengers 36, New Avengers 64, Thor 609 and Thunderbolts 143.

Obviously, there are some big questions here: Why must Marvel continue to childishly taunt and tweak itself, even going so far as to encourage retailers to destroy their own comics? And how long will the likes of Brian Michael Bendis and Matt Fraction put up with this outrageous insult before taking their business elsewhere?

The Fifth Color | Forward Into the Past with Marvel Solicitations for Sept. ’10

THOR_615Marvel editor and all-around snazzy guy Axel Alonso said something super-important at WonderCon this year. I’ve written it down and taped it to the inside of my wallet so I never forget these words of wisdom at the most crucial of times. With the $3.99 standard, reprints and the multiple titles you’re about to see, I wanted to pass this knowledge on to you. It may sound blasphemous, it may even be madness, but trust me on this one. These words could save your comic collection:

“You don’t have to buy all of them.”

Madness!  You’re going to be seeing a lot of repeat faces in here —  the obligatory bevy of Deadpool books, our masses of Avengers, the Shadowland tie-in that grows stronger every month, etc. But just remember this: You don’t have to buy them all.

Is it true? Stay sharp and come with me down the path to Marvel’s September comics. And may God have mercy on our souls.

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The Fifth Color | No Mutants, No Peace

Does your family have a flag?

Does your family have a flag?

From movies, TV shows, comics and novelizations of movies that were comics, I think it’s a safe bet that everybody knows what the words ‘Xavier’s Dream’ means.  Martin Luther Xavier Jr. has been telling people this dream in long speech bubbles for years; the idea that mutants and humans can coexist in harmony.  Sure, his actions have been questionable at times, but this one thing has been his anthem since the books started.  He’s considered other views, he’s accepted some ‘evil’ mutants in to his home, he’s been pretty fair and has always worked with humans and taught to the betterment of man and mutantkind.  An educator and an orator, he’s always made sure that peaceful coexistence was his goal.

This means a lot of fighting.

Rare in the Marvel Universe are the non-violent demonstrations for mutant equality.  While fine control and a level of self-esteem might have been the goal for Danger Room training, we think of it more as a place for squad tactics and target practice.  Make no mistake, the fight did tend to come to them from human fears and evil mutants, but for a man so set on peace it did take a lot of fastball specials and telepathic mindwipes to try and make that happen.

(WARNING:  Hey Nightcrawler, there’s a SPOILER below this break so if you’ve never read X-FORCE or didn’t check out your own appearance in this week’s UNCANNY X-MEN #523, go find out what happens and then come back.  You’re not going to be happy…)

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