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Hickman continues his creator-owned work with Manhattan Projects ongoing series

Jonathan Hickman made his name with creator-owned comics like Nightly News and Pax Romana, and was quickly snapped up by Marvel as part of their next generation of writers. Although now entrenched at the House of Ideas writing four ongoing series (plus next summer’s Avengers Vs. X-Men), he didn’t forget how much fun he had off on his own. Earlier this year he and artist Nick Pitarra did the four-issue Red Wing series at Image, and now the duo are coming back for a new ongoing series titled Manhattan Projects.

“I think anyone that’s followed my work knows about my affinity for near-future/alt-history, and The Manhattan Projects pretty much represents the crown jewel of all the stories I’ve ever cooked-up in that vein,” Hickman says in a press release from Image. It posits that the secret project that invented the atomic bomb during World War 2 was one of many projects too dangerous to be revealed; projects that were more threatening than the atomic bomb itself.

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