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Kickstart My Art | Bad Karma

Creators Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore and Seth Peck have launched a Kickstarter campaign forBad Karma, a 200-page anthology featuring comic-book stories, prose and illustrations by those four and their collaborators.

The assembled talent is impressive indeed, working on five main stories: “Middleton” by Grecian and Phil Hester; “Chaos Agent” by Haun and Mike Tisserand; “Old Dog” by Moore and Christopher Mitten; “Hellbent” by Peck and Tigh Walker; and “The Ninth Life of Solomon Gunn” written by Grecian, Haun, Moore and Peck, and illustrated by Haun. These strips, all stylistically different and set in various time periods, all threaten to coalesce into a larger narrative: “Each of these concepts is separate from one another, designed to stand on their own, but there are subtle threads that run through each. One of these threads is the presence of the Kraken Corporation, a mysterious organization whose activities play a part (whether large or small) in each story.”

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Brian Wood tamps down rumor about conclusion of his X-Men run

X-Men #37

Clarifying a shipping update for Marvel’s X-Men that’s been interpreted to mean his run was cut short, Brian Wood assures that his stint on the series was always meant to end with October’s Issue 37.

In an email sent last week by Diamond Comic Distributors, retailers were notified that X-Men #38, “solicited as being written by Brian Wood and illustrated by David Lopez, has a new creative team: writer Seth Peck and artist Paul Azaceta,” sparking online speculation about a sudden change by the publisher.

But over the weekend, Wood took to his Tumblr for “rumor control,” writing, “I was, way back, asked to write 8 issues of X-Men, and I have, concluding with #37. My name appeared in the solicitation for #38, but that was a typo. I have not written #38, as that blog post suggests. Seth [Peck] and (the amazing) Paul Azaceta are taking over the title. So it’s all according to plan, I wasn’t taken off the book or anything weird like that. I’m sure it won’t be the last 616 X-Men I write. It also won’t be the last time I work with David Lopez.”

Wood, who’s best known for his creator-owned work on such titles as Demo, DMZ, Northlanders and The Massive, returned to Marvel in January with the miniseries Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega before taking the reins of X-Men and Ultimate Comics X-Men in June. He’ll continue as the writer of the latter title.

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