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Gabrielle Bell, Peeping Tom

from "Voyeurs" by Gabrielle Bell

from "Voyeurs" by Gabrielle Bell

If you remember Lucky cartoonist Gabrielle Bell’s San Diego Comic Con “comicumentary”, you already know she’s a master of depicting awkward social situations. Well, they don’t come much more awkward than “Voyeurs,” the latest strip Bell has posted to her website. In this one, a rooftop party full of people gets a strangely irresistible eyeful of an unwitting couple’s intimate activities in the building across the street. Like the events it’s about, “Voyeurs” is tough to look away from. Read the whole thing here.

SDCC ’10 | Top Shelf gets naughty with Jess Fink

chester_5000xyv_cover_lgAt their spotlight panel today, the folks at alternative comics publisher Top Shelf talked about a metric ton of titles they’ve got coming down the pipeline. None are more intriguing to me than the work of Jess Fink, a newcomer to the Top Shelf stable best known for her erotic steampunk-porn webcomic Chester 5000 XYV. Top Shelf is releasing a Chester collection in December — quite a stocking stuffer for that special someone! — and following it with another book from Fink called We Can Fix It!, which combines memoir and science fiction and promises to be on the sexy side as well. Fink, who’s also working on a new website for her personal comics and a one-shot featuring the band Mindless Self Indulgence for Image, took time out from turning people on to tackle our questions about her relationship with Top Shelf, sex, science fiction and more.

So how did a nice girl like you get mixed up with a dirty comic like Chester 5000 XYV?

Ha, who are you calling nice? And girl? And Jess? Oh wait, that is me. I’ve been drawing dirty things for a loooong time, longer than I’ve been comfortable telling people I draw dirty things so it’s more like how did this nice comic get mixed up with a dirty person like me? If we want to talk about inspiration I think a lot of it came from the Tijuana Bibles which were these tiny porn comics made in the 20’s-40’s. Before porn was legal to sell guys used to sell these little black and white books on the street. When I found out about them I became obsessed and I knew I’d have to make some of my own.

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Straight for the art | Sexy Times

Sorry kids, we try to stay decent here

Sorry kids, we try to stay decent here

OK, this one’s for all the grown-ups out there. Lucy Kinsley (French Milk) and Erika Moen (DAR! Vol. 1) have created an X-rated poster, featuring just about every variation of sexual congress you can imagine and then some. $20 and it’s yours. Click on the link to see the un-pixilated version (though you may want to make sure your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder).

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